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I was at the shore with my best friend.

I was at the shore with my best friend. We both have tripped only one time before and thought that for the second time it would be phat to do it on the beach. We had a half between us and desided that it was early in the morning and we didnt have to be back till late so we ate them. We each had an eigth and chilled on one of the benches on the boardwalk. Nothing was happening so we went for a walk on the beach. I knew that it was kicking in because the first thing i saw a little girl walk by and she was wearing a fish bathingsuit. And i saw a fish on her suit jump off her suit and swim away. I was shocked but it was phat. Then we walked by one of those big tubes that stick out into the water. As we walking up to it i saw it tern into a huge seasnake and grab a seagull. I terned to dan and asked if saw that but he didnt respond so we kept walking. I was buggin out. The shit i was seeing was phat. I then told him that i wanted icecream so we went and got some. When i got it i saw all the gimmies dancing around singing eat me. And as i went to eat it i saw the whole thing melt so i threw it out. Later dan told me that i threw out the whole thing. I didnt care this was awsome. So then we sat on a bench and watched all the people. I saw this little girl walk by with a balloon and the all of a sudden she got sucked into the balloon and floated off. I felt bad but kept watching. Later i saw this old lady eating a funel cake but it tern into little warms and she still ate it. That grossed me out so we left. As we walking to his house i just kept seeing houses melting and at one house i saw a car on the top. once we got to his house we both went to sleep and when i woke up i thought it was all adream but it was phat. So if you never tripped on the beach i strongly suggest it.

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