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First Time Fun


Cool. That's one word that describes my first trip. About a month ago, I started growing my first batch of shrooms. When I came back from Easter break this week, I found a couple of shrooms that were begging to be harvested and feasted upon. I'm not one to waste good food.

All day, in class, I was thinking about how fun it was going to be to trip that night. Well, I finally finished up my last class around 4:00 and headed back to my apartment. Around 5:15 I dropped about 2 dry grams of my homegrowns. At around 5:45 I started getting a mild stone-like feeling. The fun was beginning!

About 6:00 I wandered into my roomate's room and watched him play Counter-Strike. As I was watching, I looked up at the ceiling and noticed the damn thing was rolling. It looked like the surface of a lake on a slightly windy day. This was getting good! Then I noticed that the corner of the room was starting to 'melt'. Nifty. At this point I was really excited and headed over to my friend's apartment.

Wow. The outdoors is AWESOME when you are shrooming! Everything was so colorful and clear, it was amazing. A very light snow was coming down and I could see the individual flakes floating lazily through the air. The day seemed very 'crisp', for lack of a better word.

Well, I finally got to my friend's apartment. Two mirrors on the wall started stretching out. They were getting taller and then wider. Very cool. Then all of the sudden, the walls started bulging out slightly and the floor started rolling. The whole time I was watching my friend's face turn the color of the chair he was sitting in.

Anyhow, I eventually walked back to my place. When I got back, I noticed the cabinets in my kitchen were starting to warp in front of my eyes. They seemed to get smaller, too.

After about three hours of this, the visuals became less apparent and I felt like I was really stoned. For some reason the word 'juice' was really funny and I started laughing so hard I almost cried.

So there you have it, the story of my first trip. I can't wait for more shrooms to mature so I can trip with my friends!

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