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NYE 2002 (long)

Background information: Me: 18 yr old male, avid pot smoker, but only have done shrooms twice before.

Background information: Me: 18 yr old male, avid pot smoker, but only have done shrooms twice before. I'm fascinated by drugs and alternative realities and the like. I'm also fairly spiritual, Christian by upbringing but closer to Bahai in nature.

My girlfriend, L, 17 year old female, smokes a fair amount of pot, but is a virgin to shrooms. Very nice, very creative/artish (but without the pretentiousness), but relatively new to most things drug related. Agnostic leaning aethist, unaffiliated with any church.

8:00pm: Anyway, on new years eve 2001-2002, my girlfriend and I decided to do shrooms, because I had the house to myself and my parents gone. Thus, I scored a 1/4 ounce from my friendly neighbourhood drug dealer, and started cooking up some new years eve spaghetti for me and L. I had originally intended to cook the mushrooms into the shrooms, but decided against that because I didn't want to lose potency to heat. Instead we just ate them in the spaghetti after it was already made. I split the pile as evenly as I could, so we figured we each had 3.5 grams. For some reason we each decided to leave a small part behind for the time being, so we each took about 3 grams. The spaghetti was good, and by the end of it I was already feeling kinda giggly (although it may have just been the tail end of some pot I had smoked about 2.5 hours previous). L wasn't really feeling anything (I dont think).

8:10pm: We finished up dinner, and by that time I was not really interested in cleaning up at all. I didn't really want to do anything specific, just not clean up. We went downstairs into my living room after doing a few rudimentary chores, and sat down by the couch to smoke a bit of pot. My stomach was kindof churning, so I wanted to settle it down. We whipped out my homemade dual chambered bong, Chuck Norris, and took a couple or 3 big hits each. My face turned into a big grin, and I relaxed into the couch. We had been listening to Satana up until now, but changed it to a funky breaks mix CD I had by DJ Czech (the mix is called 'untitled promo' on augiogalaxy by the way). Really fun beats.

I wanted to go on the computer for just a minute to amuse myself, so I did for a minute and started to get lost in the menus, confused and the like. L called me back to where she was, and we started to draw. Over the next half hour or so we drew, and I had a few pictures of mushrooms as well as some random scribbles and cartoon characters, and the words "wow the paper is 3d". L was drawing 'what it told her to', which was a girl looking down a big tunnel, and a dancing egg. She said the girl was how she felt. Also my mom phoned sometime in here, and although I had a hard time paying attention enough to talk, I made it through without stressing out.

I have 2 cats at my house, a kitten and a 13 year old cat, and for some reason right now I felt like they were all over the place and I could hear them to my left and right and above me and in the shadows and stuff. Cats are fun. It turned out that my big cat was out there, and he came to come see me, because he knows that when I'm messed up I like to pet him. My cat and I have a very strong connection, at various instances in the last year or so I've felt like he was making sure I didn't go insane. He jumped up on my lap and L and I pet him and cuddled him for a while, both of us still very much coming up. We were both giddy and giggling a lot and things were starting to get aura-ed, shimmery, and brighter for me. My pupils were very dilated.

The lights on my christmas tree that were still on were casting really weird and shifting shadows on the white ceiling, and I remember watching this for quite some time and making each into a big scene that I would recognize when it cycled through again.

I started to wander around the house now, following my 6 month old kitten around, and having a great time playing with him. I eventually stumbled across a big mirror in my bathroom, and tripped out on that for a while. L eventually joined me. About now we decided it would be a good idea to go out into my big backyard and also for a walk. We got our sweaters and gloves, and I put on my black trenchcoat (very warm & waterproof) and got a flashlight. Out we went.

9:30pm (??): My house is on about 2 acres of property, most of which is a big bunch of rocks, a little mini mountain, covered in moss. After stumbling through some of the trail and trying not to use the flashlight we walked up and about on the hill, I was really starting to see patterns, like what I saw inside, but moreso because it was darker. Definite CEV's of neon cords rolling around and fractals. The rocks look really neat, and I seem to think that mushrooms are growing everywhere.

We now decide to go on a more major walk so we have more room to play around. We start down my street and out and about in the suburbs. Things are breathing for me and the christmas lights are really bright.

Eventually we get to where I'm going, that is, a big empty lot that goes up a rocky slope, with lots of big rubble piles and undergrowth. We start to walk around, and the big rocks are really quite intimidating, but still really neat. I remember thinking of temple of doom type railroad mine carts for some reason too.

Plant life was exquisite right now, very delicate and glowing blue and purple in bright neon cords and bubbles. They all linked together in hexagonal 3d shapes as well. I was very much tripping. My mind was also racing, although I can't remember about what. We also started to climb up the slope and play on the rocks, and because it was quite slippery from rain, it was rather difficult. It was a really neat view over my town though, I could see over the cityscape and the lights on the houses looked like big grids.

We eventually continued on our walk, the whole loop of which was about 1.5 hours outside. I was fully peaking now, and I was trying to figure out everything on a multitude of levels, and how reality related to everything else, and time, and the concept of a universal consciousness and another force. Also I was thinking about why I want to know about this stuff and alternate universes, and started trying to explore my psyche. I was having a really hard time think though, because I was thinking in words instead of ideas, and words couldn't describe the things I was thinking about. Thus I got kinda frustrated with language and it's limitations. L later said she felt the same way. We still communicated very well though, I always seemed to know what she meant.

At one point we passed a cop car and it drove by us a couple times after it stopped at a house, and although if I was stoned this would totally freak me out, this time it didn't at all. Another little thing I rememebr is that we were having a really hard time telling whether we were going up or down hill, something we really should've known. Also we found a random german shepard puppy that came out from a yard and we played with it. Pets are fun.

Eventually we made it back to my house, both still very much giggling and tripping hard. I think it was about 11:00 or so, maybe later. I dont know. I went downstairs and ate some of the mush we had leftover with a glass of cranberry juice. I probably had another gram or so. We continued to watch the shadows in my living room and other various things. I had to load up our fireplace too, and that was realy hard.

We finally decided to go to my room and cuddle on the bed, and we did, but both of us took off most of our clothes first. We were so terribly horny, more like that pants were a real chore and skin was nicer. We cuddled for a while and that was really amazingly fun and sensory, and I was getting serious tracers and weird shimmers off of her. I was done peaking by now, although my mind was still racing. I could handle the concept of other people though, and communicating was way easier.

Eventually we ended up having sex, which was really fun, but somewhat pointless because neither of us came, both too distracted by our surroundings and our imaginations to concentrate on sex. I had lots of colours to see now, and everything was really red shifted. L had that too. After we had sex, just when we stopped, L's watch beeped for the start of 2002. It was good timing.

For the rest of the night we mostly just cuddled and talked, played with each other's skin and a bag of water I had and had a really excellent time. Til about 1;30 when my sister came home. She was supposed to be sleeping over at a friends, but she just came back to grab something. I said hi and kept L hidden in my room until my sister left.

We were both still having a hard time with perception and proportion though, and a couple of times we turned on the light to find out how big our heads were and what parts of us were what. For some reason L decided it felt like we had snouts as well, although what she meant by that I still dont really know.

Eventually as the night wore on our minds got slower and slower and things moved at normal speed instead of fast again, and we both pretty much started to melt and burn out, but still couldn't sleep. It was hard to get comfortable even though I was exhausted. Eventually L fell asleep, and then for me the trip took a fairly negative turn. I started getting very scared and tired of life and existing... I was scared of the thought that I was going to exist forever in some form or another, and I just wanted to fall asleep. Finally I decided to get up and have another couple hits off my bong to help put me to sleep, and also go to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror again and somewhat frightening myself with my image, I looked gaunt and tired, and much much older than I actually was. Luckily I didn't get really scared though, and passed it off as sleep dep. I finally fell asleep at about 4:30am and had a dream that duplicated the plot of army of darkness with me as the guy and L as the girl, and me fighting undead with a shotgun. This is ironic because I watched Army of Darkness the last time I was peaking on shrooms.

We awoke at about 9:30am or so and still felt slow and tired. It's about 16 hours after we dosed now and I'm somewhat hungover and slow feeling still.

As a whole though I learned lots of good things, and also got my new years resolution. I had hastily written it on the back of an envelope and forgot about it til this morning. It says 'stop talking about places and experiencing things. do them instead', because I have a tendency to learn lots without putting stuff to real use.

Also, I had an absolutely euphoric time the whole time, even when I was right in the depth of solving the universe. It was the best trip I've ever had, and one of the top 10 greatest experiences of my life. I've never had that much fun just existing and being and loving life, and I know that L loved shrooms her first time. We were madly in love with each other before shrooms and we still are now, but I can't help but feel more connected to her now that we've experienced something like this together. Hopefully my next adventures will prove to be as fun.

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