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Now, what the fuck just happened??? Who cares...

Ok, this was my first trip ever and i must say it was a most enjoyable experience.

Ok, this was my first trip ever and i must say it was a most enjoyable experience. Me and my stoner friends were hanging out at my friend J's at the start of the half term school holiday when we decided to go to the local market, get some shrooms and celebrate. We each paid a tenner for 35 grams of fresh mexicans. Me J, N, M munched our bags and S (who didn't have any shrooms becasue he is allergic to mushrooms didn't really think it would be the best idea...)decided to 'look after us' (take care of food/music/TV etc for us). i was pretty stoned at the time which i think had an effect on my trip but all there was to do was sit back and wait - i wasn't sure what to expect so i just chilled. We started playing GTA Vice City and i was concentrating on this for about half and hour when i noticed some funny things happening.

I can't really describe it but everything seemed ...strange. i was just kinda unsure about everything and the room seemed to be smaller for some reason. I then realised that i didn't have a clue how to play the game anymore and the bloke on the screen seemed to be going really fast. I got a bit hot so i decided to go outside into the garden for some air - then it started...

I thought at first that my feet had sunk into the floor and that the grass was like quicksand. i knew in the back of my mind that this was crazy so i decided to take N's advice and 'just go with it'. then it all seemed really funny and as i laughed everything seems to be shimmering. i felt great but then u bumped into a tree which seemed as if it was further away and i lost balance and fell over. Then i noticed how amazingly, mind bogglingly interesting grass and soil is. i was staring at it and as i was looking at it i could see the cloraphyll moving around the leaves and grass. it all seemed as if i was looking through a microscope ar something and i was completely in awe. i stood up and started running around and really exploring all the amazing nature in the garden - i recommend going into a swarm of midges.

i thought i'd go back and see how my friends were getting on - i thought id been away for hours and wondered how they were getting on. I got back and looked at the clock and realised that i had only gone for about 10 minutes but the clock wasn't really making much sense. Nothing was really. i sat down and attempted to join in with the conversation but didn't have a clue what the fuck they were all going on about. I looked at them all really closely and their faces seemed to be really wet and slippery and weird squares like some kind of photo collage kept popping up infront of them. The walls seemed to be like a kind of treadmill and the carpet looked really funny. I thought i was going crazy and wondered if it would ever stop - at the time i wasn't sure if it would. i then completely left where i was and i think i got really caught up in a trippy thought or something becasue i can't explain that bit at all. i was just questioning everytihng about myself and seemed as if i was chaging myself for the better - challenging all the bad aspects of my personality etc.

(Here should be a section which lasted for about 2 hours. i cannot for the life of me remember anything about it at all but i was told afterwards by J i was lying on the sofa staring at the curtains the whole time so they must have been pretty interesting...)

i came out of it feeling really great about myself and decided to get up and go outside again becasue i was getting a little too confused and i wanted to see the cool grass again.

I went outside and all my friends were there lying on the ground looking at the clouds. I wondered if they would recognise me because i felt completely different so i introduced myself to them all and lay down and looked up at the clouds. They were amazing, spinning all over the sky and creating some amazing 3D patterns. I seemed to really for the first time ever fully understand life, the world and my part in it. I watched the sun go down over the massive trees and ate some Quavers, which tasted really different to how they should do. I also drank some Coke (whos fizziness seemed to take over my entire head - not advisable...). I also listened to some Rage Against the Machine on my walkman which sounded fucking brilliant and ever sonse ive listening to them sooooo much.

By this time it had been about 7 hours since i munched the bag and I felt really tired and could feel reality starting to decend upon me again. I felt AMAZING and i felt really great about my friends i couldn't stop looking in the mirror and smiling, feeling really satisfied with the way i looked etc.

We then smoked some bud and chilled for a bit watching TV and chatted about our trips while coming down. It seemed we all had a really great time. M however ran away and was wandering around the streets writing things on cars, letter boxes and lampposts with a marker pen lol (I read them after and they said things like "its not like what you think", "red, green they're all the same person" which i found funny lol.

I had a really good time but felt strangely satisfied with mushrooms as a whole, not really wanting to do them again for a long while. Best tenner i spent in a long while!

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