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Nov. 02 OD Part I

I would have to describe this trip as one of the scariest and the most euphoric times of my life.

I would have to describe this trip as one of the scariest and the most euphoric times of my life. It all started one night at about 11:30. Me and a few freinds went down to a jack in the box to meet someone and pick up some shrooms. Once he showed up we got into Dan's car and smoked some pot. By the time we were on our way back we were all very stoned. Unexpectadly, one of our freinds was at the house when we got there so we decided to give him some too. We were hesitant to take them that night as two of us had school in the morning (myself not being one of them). We finally did so at about midnight. We didnt have anything to take them with, so we took them straight with some water. The movie we were watching was about over when it hit me. I was laying next to a chair and suddenly the side of it ceased to exsist. I shot up and beseeched my freinds to no longer let me near it lest it swallow me whole. The movie we were watching ended so we decided to watch another. This one was not a good idea, because i was tripping hard at this point and the one sober person in the room decided to put in "stigmata". I had never seen the movie, but since the first scene depicted a statue crying blood, i decided to pass.
I got up and sat at a chair in the kitchen. It was dark and the house was unfamiliar so i could not find the light. Slowly but surely i began melting into the chair. The white stucco wall in front of me was now a glorious pattern of flourescent green and red diamond like shapes. I could do nothing but remain hypnotized by this amazing wall.

Oops, short on time guess thisll be a two part thing

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