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not what I expected

I had been longing to try mushrooms for a long time.

I had been longing to try mushrooms for a long time. I have never done acid or anything but I have a good amount of experience using salvia divinorum. My girlfriend got me about 30 caps because she knew I wanted to try them. Me and one of my buddys ate about 15 each (too much for first time). About 5 min after I finished the last one my arms started to hurt like the muscles were sore. My friend told me he didn't feel anything and it was probably in my head. I took one deep breath and the pain stopped. Then it began. I looked up and my roof was making deep rolling waves. Then my friend said somthing about blue and purple ants have a battle on the ground so I looked at my carpet. The carpet looked like a plain of snow with icey wind blowing over the bumps and hills. This scene was quite enjoyable. Then I decided to go outside. Once outside my trip stepped up a level. Trees began to thicken as if growing. All pine bark appeared to be dull purple. A few of the smaller trees had faces and seemed to be getting closer and closer to me. I then decided to light up a cigarette. The cig looked much diffrent than I'm used to it was a lot thicker. The taste of the smoke was nausiating but the smoke looked incredible. It flowed around me like a toxic ocean. We decided to go back inside. The first thing I noticed when I went back inside was that the ceiling of my house seemed to have hair growing from it. I sat on my couch to cool off. I was really tripping at this point. Every once in a while the room would dissappear and I would be at the beach. Then I would snap back into reality. I turned on my tv and watched a little pirates of the carribean which didn't seem very interesting in my state. From that point on I enjoyed a few more hallucinations of vines growing up the walls and water running off of everything. I definatly reccomend trying mushrooms but I would start with a lower dose like 5 or 6 caps. Don't expect to know what your going to go through your first time have a very open mind and don't worry. Its all in ur mind.

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