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not my best trip

hey, I'm 14 125 and this was my third time doing mm's.

hey, I'm 14 125 and this was my third time doing mm's. Me and my buddy got shrooms the day before and we planned to do them the morning we woke up at his house because his mom was at work all day. So we went down stairs to his kitchen table and started eating shrooms and washing them down with Pepsi(i do not advise this made me very ill but ill get to that)I had 5 grams and my friend had 4. My rep in our group is the guy who never stops doing drugs so i right away grab all my shrooms and get eating.15 minutes through I'm half way done and we decide to go and and smoke some J's i can already feel it hit me. On the way back i started laughing and nothing and my head felt like it was falling off me neck. By the time we got back it was about 12.30 and i started to eat more shrooms about 10 minutes later i was done them all. So there i was sitting at my friends table waiting for them to kick in. Then my friend finished all his about 15 minutes later. It was about this time i started to get very sick or at least i thought i was. I didnt no what i was thinking but i went into the washroom and gagged until i threw up a little bit of the mushrooms then i tried passing out on there bathroom floor. My friends were concerned if i was alright or not. I came outta the washroom and this is when i started tripping i lied down on the couch and everyone i saw became as if i was looking into a wide screen dvd or something like i was only seeing half the picture and everything was swaying back and forth. I was scared so i ran upstairs into my friends bed saying i wanna take a nap. I put my head underneath his covers and then i started seeing wolves and goblins popping out at me so i ran out from underneath the covers and i started shouting come on we gotta go outside because i cant handle it in here. So we did we went outside and went to my friends stepsisters house and went into her shed to smoke some dope. This is where i started to peak. I went on for about 30 minutes about how i love weed i didn't even no what i was talking about i was just talking. Then we decided to go to a friends house(the person who got us the shrooms) we went into her house and listened to some eminem i usually hate rap but everything seemed so perfect in the song. I started looking around the house and noticed that they had lights on the way that i were coming out and me and looking at me. Everyone was laughing at me and my friend because we were just tripping and they thought it was funny. Then everyone started talking to me all at once and i couldn't understand what they were tying to get me to do i just couldn't make sense of it all. So after that we left and went to the school to chill. There we found some people smoking weed and we asked them if they wanted to match. The thing was we left the weed at my Buddy's step sisters house so me and my buddy walked all the way back there to get it. On the way there i was tripping so much balls i Thought the road was a slip and slide and i ran full blast and slid on my stomach on the cement it scraped me up something bad too. But when we finally got there we went into the shed but we couldnt remember what were were supposed to do everything was moving so slow but yet i couldnt understand wut my buddy was saying it had to be the most confused Ive ever been in my life. But we finally got the weed and made our way back when we got there we started to smoke i cood barely even lift th pipe my hands felt so heavy i looked down at my hands and i kept seeing blue flashes on them and i was trying to sweep them off. I also looked at my hands and thot it was weird that i only had 4 fingers and that it wood look much better 5(not including the thumb)then i looked up in the sky and every time i do shrooms i see the same guy in the clouds its a guy taking a picture of me he has pointy hair big glasses and a camera and i see that every time.After the weed is when i started to come down from my awesome trip. We went back to my Buddy's step sisters shed and chilled. Here came the downside of the trip afterwards i felt so sick and ill that i cood barely even walk it wasn't a puking kind of sick it was just a ill kind of sick the one u have when u no Ive been poisoned well thats the end of my trip i hope this helps u noobs on ur way to shrooms.

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