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Nonstop Laugh

About a week after senior year started my friends and I decided to have a monster get together to get stoned, drunk and anything else.

About a week after senior year started my friends and I decided to have a monster get together to get stoned, drunk and anything else. We found out our friends parents would be out of town so we planned everything. On saturday night we all arrived at the house. There was me, Jeff, Josh, Steve, Nick, Pat, Dan, Kelly, and other people stopped by periodically. Anyways when everyone was finally there we put our cash together and everyone but Jeff and I went to get the bud. Jeff pulled out the three foot water bong and took a fat hit then passed it to me. I got a fat hit and then Nick came outside with some mixture of alcohol he had made for me. Jeff was still choking and I was laughing but the bowl was cashed until they got back. Finally everyone showed up and we closed the garage door and decided to clam in the garage. The bong went around countless times. Then Dan turned off the lights and it was so fucking cool. Josh told me he was tripping and that he still had some left. He told me to go eat it so I did. I hadn't tripped in over a year. The bong eventually only kept going to me and Nick and Steve kept filling the chamber for us. Over time everyone wandered somewhere. Jeff left and Josh and I were left in the garage. We turned on the lights and saw how smokey it was in there. We took a couple more bong tokes and went inside. I sat down to watch tv as the trip started to hit full force. I saw a movie preview and I swear I felt like I was in the movie and that it lasted forever. Then Dan's dog came over and I started to pet it. I reccomend this very highly. My hand disappeared but I could still feel it and it would reappear when I stopped petting the dog. Then I went outside to smoke a cigarette. Kelly asked me something but it took me like ten minutes to realise she was talking to me and by then she had walked away. Other stuff happened that wasn't very memorable but still fun. Josh came over to me and we decided to take a walk down the street. We walked probably for 20 minutes then layed down in somebody's lawn. Oh yeah Josh was only wearing boxers and I was in shorts and t-shirt and socks but no shoes. We got up to go back and we stared at this house. It had lights and colors and was just completely tripped out. I went to get closer but Josh informed me the people inside were trying to get me to go in so they could eat me. We left very quickly. Nick and Pat were tripping to and wanted to eat corn on the cob but there wasn't any. So they took a walk and found some. We smoked some more bud and chilled. Eventually everyone but Josh and I were in bed. We went in the garage to smoke more bud. We finished off the bud. we were so pissed we looked and found bud spilled all over and proceeded to smoke that. We did smoke dirt and other stuff to but we didn't really care. Then Josh started lighting up cigarette after cigarette saying they didn't have the thing. He'd put them on the ground and the smoke coming off them looked like worms to me. Then he picked them all up(12) and proceeded to try and smoke all of them at once. He stated that they all had the thing. It was too much and I started laughing uncontrollably. Him and I had a huge laugh down for probably close to an hour. When we would finally calm down one of us would say one word or just take a quick breath and we would both be laughing all over again. I don't remember when we finally passed out or where but I did return the favor and gave him some shrooms last summer but thats another story.

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