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first time by myself

this is my second time doing mush.

this is my second time doing mush. i was ate my house in the afternoon around the end of july, no one else was home. i had bought 1.5 grames at south country fare a week ago. the mush smelled very strong. i ate at about 12then waited. about a half hour later and i was down stares watching some stupid show when i just cracked up for no reason. i love that felling of laughing for no reason. upstaires my room didnt really look different but i felt very stoned.i put on some music dark side of the moon. i started to space out and enter a trance. i have a wood floor and it started to ripple in the most interesting waves. i layed down on the floor leting pink floyed take me futher in. there was a face on one of my dads records that morfed and turned its face to look and smile at me. i was still on the ground and looking up at the ceilling it would start to crawl around and i started to see little animated pointes of color. at this point things started to go a little bad . the combination of the room starting to ripple as well as thew growing wierdness of the music started to make me nausious so i put on bob marley instead and that made me feel more positive and euphoric but did little to reduse the nausia as icountinued to feel sick. I EVEN TRIED VOMITING A FEW TIMES BUT TO NO AVAIL. progresively my trip got stronger and i started having strong audio hallucinations. they consisted of people telling me to do certain things none of whith i can remember. their was also some interesting noises and a rhythmice music with canting that was quite catchy- this was the part i enjoyed the most as it was very intense. the nausia got so anoying that at abouyt 3:30 after eating i dicided to smoke some bud to reduse nausia. it worked but it also pretty much ended my trip. i went for a bike ride feeling only buzzed with a little regret i didnt ride it out. o well it was still fun

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