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New Years Eve 1969

My friend Mitch asked me if I would like to go to a party where there would be about 50 people for New Years eve going into 1969.

My friend Mitch asked me if I would like to go to a party where there would be about 50 people for New Years eve going into 1969. He said he was getting some mushrooms for us! When we arrived he gave me a baggie full of dried stuff and I ate them in a peanut butter sandwich. After I ate them he came back and told me it had been enough for several people. Being a little nuts I also took a large capsule of mescaline that he had for each of us and we began to smoke some weed that I had brought. He had a bottle of wine that we began to work on. I didn¹t feel nauseous at all. In about an hour I became super blasted but much calmer than acid and was really enjoying myself. I went up to the bathroom and before leaving the room looked into the mirror and saw myself as an old bearded sea captain with a bright red uniformed jacket with emblems. The site was much more vivid than anything I had ever seen from acid and was really amazing. It was me about 55 years old as the captain. I stood and stared at myself for I don¹t know how long until someone began pounding on the door and I heard alot of screaming and yelling. I thought that was also a hallucination, but after a while I opened the door and the kids parents were there, angry, yelling at me to get out and other kids were screaming for real. I didn¹t know it, but a water pipe in the basement had broken and the room where we had been sitting was about 3 feet deep in water-for real! By this time I was much to blasted to drive. I could walk, but slowly. We were taken by some girls to another girls house where we spent the night. Once we got there I was too high to do anything but lay down. Time stood still. Of course, the girl who lived there took me into her room. She had no idea how high I was and thought I might want some affection, but I was in the outer ozone. After laying down and, really, I guess coming down a little bit I saw hundreds of little stick figures running in the folds of the sheets. They would stand there and watch me. Somehow I knew they were friends. The girl would talk to me but I was fascinated by these figures. After a while I began to see a very benevolent face of The Sun emerging from the wall of her room in different colors, smiling on me. It would appear and fade and reappear from a different area. We did make love, but it seemed very foreign, as if I was watching someone else. I still remember thinking how primitive several of my friends seemed who were drinking and smoking weed in the other room. It was a completely new perspective. They seemed like animals like dogs or monkeys that could speak. Anyhow, we were laying in bed together naked and the next morning a woman in her 50s just banged on the door and came walking in. I was very agitated by this because I thought it was her mother. It was a housekeeper that came to tell the girl that her parents flew home from Florida and were on their way home from the airport at that minute! Suddenly I had to get dressed and be outa there. After getting out into the snow I straigthtened up pretty quick, but was still dialated and whacked for hours. It was extremely excellent stuff! The nervous energy of acid was not there and I had no anxiety at all. There was no fear and really only emotions of peace. We had been drinking from a bottle of wine, but I remember that it seemed to have no effect on me. And...after we got to her house even the weed seemed to have no effect. And that was my most memorable New Years Eve!

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