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new year

On new years, on the brink of the year 2000, I decided to shroom.

On new years, on the brink of the year 2000, I decided to shroom. My 8 friends and I had rented a house in Clear Lake and one of us baught an ounce of shrooms. All my friends had been telling me how great shrooming is and refered to me as the shroom virgen. I baught an eighth of greg at about 8 oclock and everyone decided to wait until about 9 to start consumption. The two lady friends we were with were really sick so they couldn't partake, I began to start feeling sick but I said to myself "fuck it, you'll be fine" and ate most of the eighth.
I was sitting in a big lazy boy chair, rocking it, as a huge smile started to creep across my face. My legs started to tingle and Maradeth looked at me and said "Your feelin' it, huh?".. All I could do was nod.
All the angles it the room started becoming amazing to me and we all decided to go for a walk. We walked down the streets trying to find the main road to take us to a park. I began to look at everything for minutes at a time because I kept thinking how it looked like we were in beetlejuice. A walk that should have takin us about 10 minutes took us about 45 minutes. durin that time the cops stoped us for the first time.
When the cruiser passed us by we new he would stop us. I had the most to worry about because I am only 17 and didn't even have ID on me. We let mike do the talking and the cop said that he pulled us over because how we were dressed (they don't take kindly to punks and skaters round these parts).
We make it to the park and I start chain smoking (not knowing yet that I am getting sick). We start making out way back and we all start peeking. We were walking through this run down area and everything started turning neon colors. I was the happiest I had ever been. On the way back I stoped and started pointing at a no tresspasing sign and laughing hystaricly, just as cop #2 pulles up.
We get hassled and he lets us go. I tell myself I need to sober up and It workes suprisingly well. Cop #3 rolles up and I talk on behalf of us. I was still fucked up and looked at the cop straight in the eyes and said "We're on our way home, so we will be going now" , He knew we were all fucked up but sent us on our way.
When we got back it was about 11 and I started to get pissed because my trip seemed to be ending. I went outside and smoked a massive bowl with greg and things started getting really bad.
Fantasia was on the T.V. and the dragon started coming out of the T.V.. I began to peak a second time and I couldn't form sentences. Midnight was coming about and they showed the ball on T.V.. I started feeling like I was floating above the ball and being sucked up into the sky. I could feel my legs tingle and thaught my mind was going to explode.
About this time I think the fever started. It was 12:05 and I just started repeting "so that was it". It was a new year and nothing was different. My memory startes to get sketchy about this point. I ended up lying on the kitchen floor and staring at an orange juice container. For some reason I thaught that it had the secret of life. I ended up tearing the orange juice container up and lying on the floor watching magnified dust mites on the discovery channel as a cuple was yelling at each other in the bedroom. IT WAS TO MUCH. I buried my head it the floor screaming and laughing as I pounded my fists on the floor.
I ended up lying in bed feeling like I was on fire. I didn't know at the time I was sick as a dog. The next day I battled a 103.6 fever and my mind feeling numb.
It was a great experiance and I can't wait to do it again. I am planning on an outdoor trip next time, I will tell you all about it:)

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