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Never have extra shrooms while tripping

Well, I had my first bad trip (fresh).

Well, I had my first bad trip (fresh). I had gone out to pick mushrooms from my pasture. I had twenty psilocybe cubensis gulf coast strain. My friend and me were at home alone. We had a pizza, I put seven mushrooms on mine. He stayed sober. Well, it was going great for a while, I had nice open and closed eye visuals. There was folk easy listening music playing. With my eyes closed, I was seeing groups of mushrooms singing. I saw mushroom land. I nice haze across the orange evening sky. There were mushrooms that were the size of mountains. Here's where it got bad. While laying there (I don't even remember this part), I ate the other thirteen mushrooms. My friend asked me where they went, and he looked in the trash can and saw that the paper that was in there that had the mush on it. I had no control over my choices anymore. I went downstairs. I got in the bathtub (HUGE MISTAKE). I had Yanni orchestra music playing. This felt nice in the tub. Then I zoned out. I slid down in the tub, with my head just above the water. I kept visioning myself dead motionless with grass and mushrooms growing on top of me. I jumped, I inhaled water. My friend came knocking on the door to see if I was alright. He let me have some freedom since he was sober. Somehow the music changed, Cradle of Filth (death metal) music came on. It was an intro that has the voice of satan. I was staring at myself in the mirror in my boxers. I kept repeating "I could kill". I kept getting more and more angry. I thought of killing my friend. I swear I saw satan. I ended up in my room later, my friend had gone back upstairs. I went up there. He was playing a game on the computer. I was sitting on the edge of the couch watching the game. I was twitching. I kept jerking my head to look at the stairs. I started getting really scared and paranoid. Then there was some time that I don't remember. I was seeing weird demons and evil abstract pictures. I kept seeing a spinning swirl. I felt like I was spinning in a circle. I layed down in bed. My friend layed on the couch. Its about 2AM. I told my friend I was sorry for being an asshole. I felt like shit. Like I had been a jerk to everyone lately. He went to sleep. I was having really bad convulsion. My jaw stretching forward. My eyes rolling in the back on my head. These minor effects. My whole lower body was jumping side to side furiously. Parents came home. I layed there convulsing for about an hour. While this happened, I was thinking of killing myself. I didn't want to die, I just wanted shoot myself. I kept seeing myself (third person) with a pistol in my mouth. At one point, I saw myself laying in that bed, and I was crying blood. I got downstairs to my room. I layed there in bed convulsing til I passed out. Next day, I was scared to death. I ended up having ate twenty mushrooms. PLEASE EVERYONE, NO MATTER HOW EXPERIENCED YOU ARE, PLEASE DON'T HAVE EXTRA WHILE YOU TRIP. Remember, I can't remember eating the others. I have trip once since then. I had only three. I will slowly continue to use mushrooms. I respect it. I am pretty experienced with them. RESPECT THE MUSH.

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