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need a babysitter

It all started the night before the shrooms, when a couple of mates and i had been out all night rolling.

It all started the night before the shrooms, when a couple of mates and i had been out all night rolling. around mid day, after the rolling night, we decided to go off and get ourselves some mushrooms, which here in the uk are legal if bought fresh. having done them many times before, and wanting to really go nuts, we bought 60 grams of columbian mushrooms each. (fresh) we brought them back to our flat, (it was just one friend and me) and prepared 30 grams each into a tea. after injesting, several other flatmates came by and we all sat talking for a bit. after about 20 minutes or so, i went to the bathroom, and started feeling really light. movement was easy. when i went back in the kitchen it hit me all of a sudden. (by the way it was a sunny day) i looked at the faces around me and the room was full of bright colors. patterns on the wooden doors were incredible, all flowing in waterfall like shapes. a kebab stain on the wall took the form of a face. looking at peoples faces was weird, and hard to describe. it seemed as though they had layers of different vibrant colors shifting on their face, towards me and away. my mate was also seeing the same things, and he couldnt stop gigling to himself whenever he pointed something out. we decided to pop by my a friends flat across the hall from us, so got up and left our flat. the shrooms were having more and more of an effect and we were laughing our asses off as we made it into his flat. he was sober, and found our constant oooohing and ahhhing at things amuzing. we looked into his kitchen and saw the most amazing sight. it was a bright vibrant blue, with a window showing an incredible outdoors of blue violet and many other colors. we giggled like schoolgirls till we finnally had the courage to go in. we got given drinks by the friend who lived there, although my mate shrooming with me broke a glass withing what must have been 3 minutes. ("the floor didnt seem so far away ") i kept finding myself in impossible situations with my legs, where they would get entangled up. staring down at them, i couldnt figure out if they were mine, and if so, how i would untangle them. (this happened many times during the trip, each time needing help to untangle). i also couldnt get a cigarette lit. i kept dropping the entire pack on the floor. when i finnally got someone else to light one for me, i would completely forget about it till it burned my hand. at some point here where we were sitting in the kitchen, i completely lost my grip with reality, although it felt like a daydream. i suddenly realised where i was, and was confused because i had just been in the mountains a split second ago.... it was as if i had had an incredibly real vivid dream in the blink of an eye without falling asleep. there was no way i could have fallen asleep there, i was too excited. we were laughing continually, and were looking out the window at this incredible world when the idea came to go outside. however at this point, between me and my mate shrooming, it became apparent that the sober friend needed to help us. he was in control of everything, a bit like a babysitter with divine powers. he would show us the way. he blatantly refused to bring us out in public in our state, and kept trying to get rid of us from the flat. after getting one of us back to the flat, he would return to the other, finding the one he just let out right behind him. finnally we got put in our kitchen, where my friend sat down, and i walked around in circles talking nonstop. my friend mentioned the fact that he couldnt hold anything in, as soon as something came in his head, he just said it, which made him laugh more. at this point i kept looking at my hands in amazement... "are these mine???? wooooowwwww". then i had the strangest experience. During the entire trip, both of our voices had sounded different, more etheral, and ghostly, which i thought was great. all of a sudden i realised i sounded like another flatmate of mine. then i started wondering if i was him. or was i me? who is me? confused i went looking for him in the hallway, to double check if he was me or me him... blahhh, my mind was in chaos , but in a good way. in the hallway, i realised that everything was 'square'. this continued the entire trip, where everything had very sharp angles. i was incredibly happy with my newfound discovery, and proceded to tell everyone. i decided at this point i would prepare my next 30 grams of mushrooms, and my friend didnt. after taking them, i began to trip even harder, but got an incredibly queezy stomach. i coulndt understand what other people where saying, the only person i could communicate with was my friend shrooming, if only because we were only laughing and gesturing. i then started feeling ill and went to the bathroom, and began throwing up in the sink. this was a really weird experience, because the world was spinning, and everything, color, etc was heading into the sink. i didnt bad trip, even though i couldnt stop puking. hehe, it actually for some weird reason had a not so unpleasant taste to it. after finishing, i couldnt find the door. my mate, worried had been sitting outside the door, tripping on random things, and i finnally made it out to him. we then watched a movie, both of us curled up in perfect relaxation. after it was done, i went off to my room to go to bed, and he went off to his. i couldnt sleep for a while, as i was still tripping a little, but at this point i didnt really want to. i ended up just watching another few films, not feeling entirely good, sweating a little. time was completely messed up. how many days had i been tripping? in the end i think it must have been around 6 to 8 hours, and worth it all the way. i had a great time.

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