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WE FINALLY FOUND SHROOMS!!!, i was with drew, andrew, lindsay, alex and trent. I ate 7 grams at 7:30 that night and i drank a lot of orange juice which is said to make your hallucinations stronger. I started feeling it around 8:00 when we were picking up lindsay at Sylvan. I felt like i was suffocating inside the car so i decided to open a window. The darkness scared the shit out of me, I saw a lot of things melting and moving around in circles. We ended up back at drew's house where we smoked and chilled for a bit. I sat in the dining room looking at the patterns on the table cloth for a while. The patterns seems to have eyes and i felt like everyone was watching me. The colors then transferred to the walls and they were melting, along with the floor. Everytime i looked at my hands and feet, they were disfigured as if i broke them in 10 different places. Matt then called me and i was talkin to him for a bit then i went inside the computer room and stared at this painting for a while. It looked as if i was in the woods and there was a clearing in the distance where girls were dancing on the sand and the beach right behind them. I could see the people in the picture talking to each other as i observed their everyday lives. I then turned the lights off and played Day of Defeat for a while. It felt as if i was really in World War II and i was fighting the americans in a neverending war. I got creeped out by the shadows that surrounded me in the room as if death was near. So i turned the lights back on and found that matt ian michelle and kaira had arrived to drew's house. We talked outside for a long time, people were arguing but i couldnt comprehend what was happening so i just stood back and it felt as if the bushes that were behind me were pulling me away from reality. I was then lying on the bush and observing everyone. The trees looked mad at us as if we were trespassing on their property. We then went inside and hung out for a while. The house was kind of like a fun house, with the twisted staircase, the disfigured mirrors, the weird pictures, and the unusual patterns that were on the walls. Then michelle kaira matt and ian wanted to go back to michelles house to take more shots, so i came along for the ride while drew andrew alex and lindsay went for a walk. The car ride was trippin me out, with ian's drunk ass driving and ran the red light. Luckily the police car that was beside us didnt notice what ian had done. My heart was beating as if it was trying to escape my body. And i felt like i was drenched in water. I looked at michelle who was sitting beside me and i saw myself when i looked in her eyes, like a reflection when you look into a mirror. Once we got to michelles house, amy was in the kitchen talking to lauren on the phone. I sat down on the chair and laughed at this stain on their table, I don’t know why it was so funny but I kept laughing. Amy kept saying that 'i had a nice shirt', and it felt as if it kept repeating time over and over. Her mom and john had come by her house for a bit and i talked to them. Her mom said that i had a nice shirt as well and i laughed for like 5 minutes for no reason. I then sat on the couch for a while and stared into the darkness of the room. The pillows felt like i was stuck to them. Then i went to go see where everyone was. They were in michelles room, the ground was covered in clothes and when i walked on them, it felt as if i was sinking into them. I laid down on the floor for a while and watched the ceiling fan spin. It seemed like it was getting closer and closer, so i was freaked out and i stood up. I sat on the bed for a while and robin called me so i talked to her for a while. She was with emily and malia and i couldnt understand what they were saying. Then amy started spraying me with water which was trippin me out like shit. I felt like i was gona die cuz i thought i was bleeding at first and i was drenched in my own blood. I was running around michelles room tryin to get away from amy and her squirt bottle. I was pretty scared so I just sat in the corner next to the door for a while. Then michelle came down and sat next to me. I was watching the hair on her head grow for a while and I wasn’t scared anymore because I was holding her hand. But amy squirted us and I ran to michelles bed, and tried to get away. Then I looked into the mirror and looked at myself. It felt like my reflection was talking to me but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I knocked down the cable box but I caught it before it did any damage to it. Then matt stole the squirt bottle from amy and gave it to me. I was spraying her and it felt like a video game. I was laughing really hard then I stood in the hallway with michelle and matt. The walls looked like they were drooping down and the ceiling was getting lower and lower. Then I ran into the bathroom and looked at the light switch for a while. Then I just randomly squirted it and I started laughing histerically with matt. Then I stood in the living room for a bit while michelle and kaira were getting ready or sumthin. Kaira then told me that she didn’t like me when I was trippin and that I was a different person. I then thought about it and realized that she was right, I did feel like a different person. Michelle then pulled me into ian’s car and we were on our way back to drews house. The car ride felt weird, with the wind blowing onto my face and the sky looked white and blue. We then chilled at drew’s computer room for a while and I was looking at this Tattoo magazine for a while. The girl on the front cover looked as if she was alive and moving around. I got creeped out and I couldn’t breathe so I told everyone to chill outside for a bit. Then I was talking to myself and the trees were telling me to run. I then just started running around the lawn. Michelle then came out and I gave her a hug. Most of the time when I was talking to someone, I couldn’t comprehend what they were saying because their words were slurring and the sounds they made didn’t match the movement of their lips. Everyone then went inside and I chilled with michelle behind the front door. I felt really good inside even though I felt spiders crawling on my back. Michelle and I just chilled on the porch for a while, and I thought about life and how we grow older and older everyday. I then watched the bushes grow with michelle and I showed her this leaf that was growing. I could see the cells inside it moving around. We went inside to the computer room and just sat down for a while. I sat in front of the fan and watched it spin endlessly. I leaned back onto the chair in front of michelle and just stared off at the bookcase. I read every title of games and books that were on the shelf. I then watched time go by and looked at my disfigured hands. I sat down on the chair on the corner and I put my head down on the arm-rest. I felt kind of sick and just wanted to pass out right there. I looked at my phone and my background looked as if it were moving around. Then I let michelle look at my phone while I looked at the Tattoo magazine once again. The pictures were really weird, especially this particular picture which I thought symbolized death and the destruction of the world. It had a chain of the lost souls that wanders around us in our everyday lives, but we don’t notice them. The picture had a picture of this dead guy in the back looking at me and he started talking about how death is uncertain and you don’t know when it will happen. It got me thinking of why we live and our purpose in life. Then michelle and kaira went somewhere to talk or something and I stood in the middle of the foyer just staring at the patterns on the wall. Andrew then told me that alex was outside because he was puking because he ate another 8th of shrooms. He then came in and told everyone he was fine and just laid down on the couch for a while. Brian was talkin to me how he wanted to trip as well, and then he went to talk to alex. I then went into the bathroom and talked to my reflection about how I felt and shit. The flower patterns on the bathroom wall were growing bigger and bigger till they deflated back to their normal shapes. This cycle continued the longer I stared at it. Then erika and this other girl came to drews house and I sat down in the living room for a while staring off into the emptiness of the next room. I felt like it was getting too loud so I went into the dining room with mudzo and watched tv. We were talking bout how tight the smoke looked as it kept changing figures and how the chandalier looked really tight. I then looked at the pictures of drew’s family next to the mirror. I stared at each picture and it felt like I was there. Then everyone went outside. Then I chilled with michelle in the computer room and we were talkin to some people online for a bit till her and kaira had to go home because they were goin to the beach in the morning. The walk to the car was really long, kaira was leading the way, the trees felt as if they were closing in on us and this one tree was telling me to turn around. Then we made it to ian’s car where matt drove because ian was too drunk off his ass. Ian then started singing this song that I didn’t know so I just laughed at him for a while. Then we dropped off kaira and I chilled wit michelle till we dropped her off at her house. I felt really good because I could feel the music all over my body. Then once we got to her house we got out because matt and ian had to take a piss. I then gave her a last hug n stuff and we left. Then ian called up Jessica and we went to pick her up. On the way there, it was really scary, I felt as if someone was grabbing me and I just laid down and started kicking it away. I then talked to Jessica for a bit and we went to 711. Jessica reminded me of one of those like hot elf chics in lord of the rings hahaha. I then stole shotgun and talked to matt bout how were growing too fast and we need to live life to the limit before we grow too old to party no more. We then went back to drew’s house to chill for a bit, but they were gone on a walk to david’s house so we just chilled in the family room for a while. I was reading this magazine for a while and I was staring at the chex mix bag for a bit. Chex mix is like a metaphor to life, on all the choices we have to make. Good or bad choices, there is always a consequence to the things you choose to do or not do. I could relate to it a lot and I told everyone about it. I then chugged some orange juice because I was pretty thirsty. Then I stared off in the computer room and talked to this old man for a while, I watched him get older and older. It was getting really creepy and the ground felt like an ocean. The distance between me and Jessica was really far, even though in reality it would have seemed that we were only 3 feet apart. Then I got a call from drew and he told me that he was in Kentucky pickin up trent. When they arrived they had some home for sale signs and some other shit. Then me trent and drew went for a walk in drews neighborhood while the rest of them went to wendys for some food. It was a pretty long walk considering we were gone for like an hour and a half. The sky looked weird as shit and I got a shitload of critical thinking time. We talked about what were gona do with the rest of our lives and all the shit we did in the past. The trees were really weird, they seemed like they were dangling down and getting closer to us. We then walked in the woods for a bit, it was dark as hell and I was hearing and seeing shit in the darkness. Then on the way back to drews house, we saw this wave that was about to destroy the moon. Once we got back to drews, we decided to go up to danI’s house for a while. The shrooms were losing its hold on me then, I was just tired as shit then. While everyone was drinking I just sat and looked at the magazine I had been carrying everywhere. Then we went back to drews house and chilled. Matt and ian then dropped trent off at his house and met us back at drews. We then decided to sleep at around 4:30 but we didn’t end up sleeping till around 6:00 because we couldn’t fall asleep. We then talked about some shit then played with odie for a while. Then I finally fell asleep.

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