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First Time Bliss

As my knowledge of the world around me increased, I found the next logical step to be mushrooms.

As my knowledge of the world around me increased, I found the next logical step to be mushrooms. I am so intrigued by the knowledge they contain and then release on worthy recipients. Once I had done weeks worth of research on the subject I started my own batch of Psilocybe cubensis. From the day I ordered the spores until the day the first cap broke from the stalk, I was stuck in constant thought about the mushroom universe. I asked so many questions of so many people. I'm sure I became very annoying at times. I had more success than I ever could have expected. I knew how each step in the growing cycle was supposed to look and mine just consistently went one step beyond that. Eventually, three distinct pinheads formed that I knew would be the ticket for my first trip. It was really exciting to watch them reach for me as each day I checked on their progress. Then the day came, almost too quickly because anxiety about the unknown set in. Fortunately, I had prepared myself so well that I could supress anxious or scary feelings. I picked three fresh shrooms from my cakes and put them in a special dish lined with soft paper as if I were preparing food for royalty or some such thing. It was all very intense and emotional. I got out my copy of condensed effects and stages of a trip and sat in my living room for many minutes thinking about what was to happen. My girlfriend was with me and she had never tripped before either...that didn't help. Not to mention that she is a psych major and kept talking about chemical reactions and ramifications. Anyway, I finally set her straight about what I was undertaking and she ended up helping me greatly. We sat in front of the TV and I stared blankly at my bounty, wondering about life and its relation to this experience. I was stalling and I finally realized it. I took the first bite, expecting the worst and getting something good. It was good! I actually liked the taste of fresh mushroom. So, I ate the others quickly and then waited in anticipation.

Within minutes the TV was annoying me to no end, so I turned it off and turned on the radio. I was on the couch anxiously waiting for something different to happen...anything. After awhile I thought it was a bust because nothing seemed to be happening. When I closed my eyes, I had weird and complex thoughts, but nothing else. I was convinced that I was not suited to experience this for whatever reason. I had always been a skeptic and this wasn't helping. Not a skeptic of mushrooms, a skeptic of anything I hadn't experienced or couldn't imagine experiencing. Its a horrible way to think, but I couldn't fix it. Fortunately, I am starting to get over it...thanks in part to these trips. After two whole hours I decided to join my girlfriend in the bedroom and hoped to take a nap. Well, she was in a playful mood and we started rolling around and kissing. What happened next will leave a permenant mark in my memory. My vision changed and I seemed to be outside of the action. It was as if I was directing my body's movement, but not acting it out for myself. It was very, very erotic and we had Great sex that day. Afterwards, I was very definitely in the full effect of something magical. I was energized psychically. Waves of energy spiked into the back of my head, literally (I think) pushing my head forward as if being slapped. I wanted to travel more than I wanted to live. I so desired to be on the road. My girlfriend (not tripping) agreed. I stepped out the door and was bombarded by life. It was as if I had never seen this place before and I cared so much about it that I wanted to see it all. We drove in the car towards the Cities and I put in the Doors. It was like being in a movie. So much was flowing into me that I could barely contain myself. The music was playing so loud that my girl couldn't take it, but I felt as though I could barely hear it. I was as happy as I remember ever being. The thoughts I had were amazing. Then I began to read signs backwards. The first I saw was DOOF. I thought that was hysterical, I just couldn't get over how funny that was. I wasn't like a stoner though, it was a genuine humor that had depth. No offense, just different.

Eventually, we reached the ominous Mall Of America. I was immediately in tune with its Mecca status and I wanted to experience what other less enlightened (pardon arrogance) people experience there. Everything inside was beautiful. I would frequently get lost looking at something that in other states I would blow by. A shining moon with a cup like a calypso drum was overwhelming, my girlfriend had to pull me away. I played with a globe that had a pen which you could touch to any part and it would say what you had indicated. I was enthralled by this. I touched myself and it said nothing, that was very annoying. What I took away from this was the ability to be oblivious to that which did not effect me. I realized this when a clerk was shoving things in my face and trying to ask me questions, but I was on a different plane. When I saw she was there I instinctually moved away from her 'low' state of corruption. She was stunned, but I don't know that. My girlfriend explained it later. It was a beautiful experince that I will never forget. I felt so close to my girlfriend and I was in tune with things I had never before noticed. The effects wore off 10 hours after the ingestion. I slept like a rock that night and woke up invigorated. Thanks to all those who helped and especially to this page and its maintainers because I wouldn't be here without them.

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