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My side of the story

Now I know I cannot discredit my buddies report but I would like to correct him on some things.

Now I know I cannot discredit my buddies report but I would like to correct him on some things. A few months ago he wrote a trip report about me and him doing mushrooms, he had a horrible trip but his story was a little off. We both ate about 4.5 grams of mushrooms and headed upstairs to watch some cartoons while we were waiting. (This was a little sketchy because my parents were home at the time.) About 20 minutes late kalen said he felt them and got up and walked down-stairs. A few minutes later I felt something that I can only describe as an earthquake in my head. I got up, shut off the TV. and headed down stairs. As a turned the corner in my basement, colors started to intensify and I started seeing the first signs of hallucinations. I sat down by my buddies (kalen (also tripping), Dustin and Julian (sober)) and instantly I knew I was going to be extremely messed up. Dustin and Julian looked at me as I started babbling gibberish because I had a million words and thoughts floating through my head that I wanted to express. Julian and Dustin suddenly shot up towards my roof and took the shape of a 10 foot tall U. My high suddenly got much less which I recognized to be the low part of my high. I quickly pulled Dustin aside (for reasons unknown to me); he asked me what I was doing and all I could say was "I'm so fucked up dude". I watched as he grew and took on the appearance of any elf. From the moment on my trip took a kinda of magical mushroom land that kind of reminded me of the book "Og". All I could do was smile, the mushrooms surging through my body felt very pleasant. I returned with Dustin to the computer where Julian and kalen were sitting. At this point Julian, who I later figured was trying to give me a bad trip because he had, had a bad experience on mushrooms and wanted someone to talk with about bad trips (I'll never understand how you could do that to a friend but he is a little weird), put on a song I had specifically requested him not to put on. (Song for the deaf by Queens of the Stone Age). Now some people like creepy ass music while they are on shrooms but this song gave me bad vibes. I shut if off and we all went into my room. There I was peaking and it was getting very intense, everything melting, Etc. I started getting really hungry even though I hadn't been hungry before consuming the mushrooms. I hate an entire half of a loaf of bread, with nothing on it and drank 3 grotesque iced green teas. Now here is where I would like to correct my friend's story. I started feeling sick, not from the mushrooms but from the massive amount of bread I hate just eaten. My whole world turned green as I ran to the bathroom to vomit. Now in my friend's story it makes it sound as though I puked and then came down, but it had no affect what-so-ever on my high except for the fact that getting sick is hard to deal with, with a head full of mushrooms. I returned to my room and got in my bed because it felt like I had a fever. My friend Julian came to talk to me, at this point my trip was taking a turn for the worst. I asked him if puking would get me less high, and his only words of comfort were "no man, you're fucked." and here is the point where things actually got better, they left. Kalen was having a really bad trip so they went for a walk. I later learned what felt like hours, alone in my room, melting, was merely 15 minutes. At first I was having a horrible trip but then, somehow, I pulled myself out of it and by the time they came back I was having a blast. I was lying in my bed with everything melting. I lifted my hand and it drooped down and melted into my chest. My sheets felt like liquid, it was an amazing experience. Anyways, my friends returned, with a frightened and shaking kalen. We brought him into the spare room and put him in a sleeping bag and left him with Julian. My and Dustin were talking out in the main room. I went into the room and tried to help kalen but I was having too good of a trip to be of any use. I tried to make kalen see that it wasn't that bad by saying "Dude, this is what we paid for" but his response was "I know, it's fucking stupid". So left the room, at this time I was still tripping hard but was past my peak. We all returned to my room where Julian tried to make kalen right out his feelings but all he could right was "I'm so tired, I want to go to sleep, I'm so tired, I want to go to sleep, I'm so tired, I want to go to sleep" around in a spiral on the page. This gave us all a good laugh (except Kalen) (It isn't that funny but only Julian had, had a bad trip at that time. Kalen bad trip continued and after an hour so or more we were about ready to sleep.

Now I know this may not be the most exciting trip report ever, and I'm not denying kalen experience but I couldn't let my story go untold because in his version he makes me sound like a pussy, but the facts are that even though one of my friends was trying to give me a bad trip and even though I got extremely sick from my bad choice of foods, I still had a good trip and have not have a bad trip to this day.

This response is a little late but I was meaning to get around to writing it but my life's been a little busy lately.

The thing about his report that annoyed me the most is just the way it made me look, my older brothers weren't the greatest influences but my oldest brother has taken roughly 5000 hits of acid in his life time and never had a bad trip. My family can handle their drugs. I have pulled myself out of bad trips many times but kalen has a bad trip at the slightest provocation.

I'm done.

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