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My Real Mexican Family

so i acidentally ate a quarter which i had never done before.

so i acidentally ate a quarter which i had never done before. I thought i figured out a way 2 trigger the the trip but that might have just been cuz i was already embarked on the journey. I have cealings that look like waves when u stare at them so i started 2 feal like a baloon(the beginning)so i stared at the cealing for about 30 sec. and when i look back down everything was breathing. My mom has a quilt on our living room wall which was waving as if there was wind in the room. I had already experienced mushrooms befor so none of this was new 2 me so i will skip all the boring level 2 shit. I love looking in the mirror so i walked 2 the bathroom 2 stare at "myself" in the mirror. I saw a bunch of ghosts flying around in my mirror who claimed 2 be my long lost dead mexican family. They claimed 2 be my original family and the family i am with now isnt really mine, which is really weird cuz im not even 1% mexican. I wuz so convinced i was with my real family. i left the bathroom 2 go 2 the kitchen for some yum yums, and on the way there some lady told me 2 come with her. I told her i didn't want 2 and she just kept on asking me in a whisper. This for some reason made me giggle. I got some food and stared at myself in the mirror once again for god knows how long. I went back 2 the living room still peaking and sat down 2 watch some family guy. It was so hard 2 focus on wut stewie was saying, cuz of my thoughts and all, that i had 2 lean forward and squint with all my might and try 2 block my thoughts which never works. It was like watching a video of a party where the tv is on and ur trying 2 watch the tv.(i think that was a damn good analegy) I gave up on that and just engulfed myself in thought and stared at the corner of the room which was sucking everything into it, looking like hell in the movie Constantine which is amazing if uve seen the movie. i did that untill it died down a lot and then went 2 bed(tried) everything was flashing in my room and spinning which made it very dificult to fall asleep.


p.s. dont be a pussy and just down um

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