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My Mushroom trip

My Mushroom trip the other night was actuilly a bad trip.

My Mushroom trip the other night was actuilly a bad trip. I am 16 years old, female and about 115 punds. The other Saturday night i was on mushrooms. At first the trip was alright and all's i was doing was laughing. As soon as we got back to my friends house i just started freeking out my heart was punding and I didn't really know what was going on, after about 1 hour of freeking out and telling my friend that i need to go i just need to get out that my trip was going back i desided to lie down and try to calm myself down. After i went and lied down and closed my eyes i saw myself kill myself, I went to my own feurnel and i even talked to people. this was so messed up and i didn't know how to hanlde it or what to do about it i was so freeked out that i had to wake my friend up cuz i thought i was dead, i thought that i had actully killed myself! this was the most scary trip that i have ever had on mush. This will not stop me from doing them again but i will definitlly wate a few months before doing them again.

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