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My Melting Mind

It was the day after Thanksgiving, and my two best friends and I decided to go shrooming somewhere.

It was the day after Thanksgiving, and my two best friends and I decided to go shrooming somewhere. We had been having trouble making up our minds as to where to go, but somehow the subject of Arden Fair mall in Sacramento came up. Arden Fair is a shroom reunion for me and one of my friends...we had done them there twice before. Anyway, we decided to each take a whole eighth of shrooms at Arden Fair on the BUSIEST shopping day of the year!!! Looking back on it now, I realize it really wasn't a mistake, even though it was a completely insane idea. It ended up being one of the best trips of my life.
We ate them in the car as we were about to arrive at the mall. There were people everywhere, and the driver of our car practically started tripping before we could find a parking place. We finally parked, thank goodness, because reality disappeared almost as soon as we walked into the mall. Christmas decorations were everywhere: red, green, white, red, green, white, santa, candy canes, characters from the Nutcracker Suite (yeah, I know, INSANITY), bells, HO HO HO....pretty soon, the ground started to flow up and down. Everything was becoming liquid. I started to feel a total body high. Then we all decided to go outside to the car. Soon we all started laughing uncontrollably. The car we had there was actually a truck, so the three of us ended up tripping out for 1 and 1/2 hours in the bed of the truck. We must have looked COMPLETELY fucked up. Soon a parking attendant came over and told us to "Go inside and shop"...I could barely keep myself from laughing right in her face.
I will never forget the moment when we walked back into the mall. Too many lights, too many stimulations. My hallucinations were so intense that everyone else in the mall except for my two friends looked like monsters. Their faces were all contorting when I looked right at them. One lady's forhead grew up and out and started melting toward me. The colors were so amazing. I saw colors that I never even knew existed. Soon I started ENTIRELY losing touch with reality. I couldn't even remember how I had come to the mall that day. I couldn't even remember who I was. I would forget the time every two seconds, but in those two seconds I would think it was 20 minutes. I thought about writing some of my thoughts down, but then I realized that I had completely forgotten how to write. For a while, I thought my brain had just left my body. I felt this great void inside my head. After that experience, I don't think I will ever do less than an eighth, because a half is just not satisfying to me anymore. THe hallucinations were just too completely out of this world. They were more than amazing. I could feel my emotions shifting up and down inside of me. I felt this inner/outer body experience. THe mall has never been so insane and yet so fun.

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