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My life changing...

body weight-145 lbs Male 16 years old In the Past i haven't done to many intense drugs.

body weight-145 lbs
16 years old

In the Past i haven't done to many intense drugs. Started smoking cannibis in 7th grade, drinking in 8th, did ecstasy/cocaine all last summer, right now i am a junior in high school at 16 years old. i have had two past experiences with mushrooms, both were extremely unpleasent. They were both two days in a row, both on school nights. the second night i did it i had the worst trip of my life, but what i'm gonna write now is not about that trip.

A few weeks ago i was a huge party, everyone expecting to get ecstasy, i was expecting to get some really good shrooms. All my friends said these were really good "laughing" shrooms, so i wanted to do them. when i thought of laughing shrooms, i thought of chocalate bars, because my friends had said that on the bars they see occasional tracers but laugh a lot. so it ends up no one gets any ecstasy, but they want some mushrooms. so at this party i sell a ounce, a quarter, and a eighter. For selling that for my friend, he gives me a free eighter. Right when he was selling me them, i pinched about a eighth from the rest, leaving me with about 7-7.5 grams. Before he left, we smoked 2 joints of some hydro cannibis that he had. i then gave out everyone there shrooms, and then me and my buddy J split them around 11ish, consuming about 3.5 each. I didn't eat anything that day besides possibly a sandwitch much earlier, so i knew i was about to trip hard.

It didn't take long until i started feeling it. I had a nice body buzz going, and i was starting to get in a wierd state of mind. if you have tripped before, then you know what i'm talking about, where you feel significant in the world.

So I am sitting in this room, with a couple of my friends, there tripping also, and my friend C spinning some trance (C plays a big part in my trip, so catch his name later). Then me and J start to trip extremely hard, and we see everything start to breath. Around then, someone runs into the house yelling COPS ARE HERE COPS ARE HERE! and some people run, others just sit down. i looked over to J right after he said that, and he just looks around and says "I'm starting to fuckin trip." me and everyone that was trippin in that room just broke out in laughter.

Minutes later, everyones still freaking out about cops, but we learn they are just there so people can move there cars. so my friend B (who is just drunk) starts starin at me along with J. B then says to me "jimmy cops are here, your going to drown in a lake" and many other things. i then ran outside of the room, into the bathroom in the hot tub (one thing you have to know about there hot tub is it doesn't spray out water, it has a bunch of cushions in it and stuff). I sat there for about 30 minutes fighting with myself about what i'm going to do next. some little voice in my was whispering "kill them all, find the nearest knife" and so on. After the better half of me won the fight, i then went back out into the room. there i was still thinking to myself about it, and i was looking around making sure there were no sharp objects near me.

This is where my trip became great. But before i tell you this,theres somethin you must know. My friend C (the one spinnin the trance) is mexican, and doesn't know much english, but is always happy and always funny. Back to the story though, so he is looking at me and J trip out, and starts laughing which makes us laugh unbearingly. Then C pulls out a plastic purple mushroom, sticks it on his finger, and starts whistling a 2 chord little song. he moved his finger around like the mushroom was walking, and then he made it look like he stopped it, look at us, and then he said in a deep movie like ancient voice "WHY YOU EAT ME?!" and me and J just start crying w/ laughter. he does this for at least 20 minutes and me and joel are still laughing. then he does it again, but instead of saying that he says "400 YEARS AGO, A LITTLE MUSHROOM WAS BORN; AND NOW YOU EAT HIM?!?!!" i have never laughed so hard before. somewhere along where he was doing his "why you eat me" skit, he pointed out the window, i dont even know for what. When i looked at his hand, it looked as if tiny strings made of light were hangin from his arm. Now that i look back at it i feel pretty dumb at what i did, but i sat there like a playful little kitton trying to get the strings of light.

Shortly after that, i went a room where no one was. there was a bed on the floor, and a bunk bed next to it. so i made myself a spot on the floor, and just began to trip out. everything was beathing heavily, and the doors started to come in and out. suddenly one of the doors seemed to of broke free of the wall and shot in the middle of the room and just stayed there. i sat there wandering what had happend to it. i looked back where the door was, and it was still there, but this new door still appeared in the center of the room. i then thought i had proceeded to open the door, but then suddenly i found myself still sittting there. so i sat there and thought about how i could reach the door for probably 3 minutes or so. So eventually i found myself right in front of the door, not looking back because i was afraid i'd see myself sitting there and snap back out of this trance i was in. Then i opened the door, and i never saw anythign more beautiful. I saw a huge open green field, and beyond it was a bright blue lake, and a reflection of a mountain, even though there wasn't one. The wierdest part about this world though was that the sky was a evil dark red, but everything still was sunny. I didn't even walk throught he door, i just sat there looking at it. i dont know how long i stood there, then it felt like i was standin there for hours, but i know it wasn't even ten minutes.

It all was interuppted when J walked in and said What up man. i then got up, slapped his hand, and then he stole my seat. i then freaked out on him, and said something like "Dude you can't steal where i was just sitting, i HAVE to have it." and then he just replyed "ya i have to have it to, it'll be to wierd if i dont." So i just calmed myself down, then went up to the top bunk of the room. we just sat there talkin about all the wierd shit we were see'n, not even looking at each other.

At a couple points there were times me and J didn't speak. One of them that i remember very clearly was that i had been thinkin "Man that would be sweet if i got laid right now." Then slowly the room started to get black, and i saw 2 figues in the dark. At first i couldn't see who the faces were, but i saw 2 girls in what looked like they were in bras making out. After trying to find out who the girls were, i noticed they were two girls who i am really good friends with from my school.

The way the bunk is, is that its right next to the center of the room, and i was on the top bunk, which is about 1 1/2 feet away from the ceiling. in the center of the room there was a broken light that was hangin from the ceiling about the same height as the top bunk. i must of sat there for at least 2 hours talking to J and flicking that light with my hand.

i got to sleep at about 6 there that night, in that exact spot. There was no other outbreaks about the cops coming, or at least that i know about.

Coming down was not bad at all, it actually quite pleasent. i drove out to my grandmas the next morning, and just sat there watchin t.v. with her. That experience had changed my life, before i took those shrooms, for a year i was extremely depressed about a break up with my ex girlfriend. Since the trip, i haven't been more happy with my life ever. The trip was the best feeling/time i've ever had in my life, and after it was done, everything seemed to have gotten better for me.

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