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My last Day(FUNNY!)

We went to manitoba to visit my cousins who i never met before in my entire life.

We went to manitoba to visit my cousins who i never met before in my entire life. It's been a week and we had to leave the next day. My cousins asked if I could sleep at their house instead of my aunties place. I did and they got shrooms, we've been talking about getting some for the past day or 2. So, we ate them around midnight. Then we sat in the living room waiting. My cousin recorded some of it. There was 4 of us waiting to trip. the others didnt want to and had to watch over their baby. So, we sat there, 30 minutes go by and my other cousins are already feeling it. I'm sitting there saying, "Man, I dont feel it, my chest just feels heavy."

About 15 minutes go by and they give me a lil more to eat because it was taking a little long. 15 minutes later, I was cracking up! at everything! my cousin, she kept finding pubes on the floor and picked them up and put them on teh couch. I could not stop laughing. I fell on the floor and started rolling and laughing. I could see myself doing it as if I were a spectator. So, i got back up and just didnt stop giggling and laughing. (I laughed for 3 hours straight, no lie). Then, about 15 minutes later, we pop in, BEVERLY HILLS NINJA! and damn, that movie was the funniest. I was tripping so bad! I kept saying i couldnt hear out of my right ear. I felt so good. I felt as if my whole body was tingly, as if my whole body was asleep instead of my leg. I could not keep a straight face, i was smiling and i could not stop laughing. My cousin's friend had to leave, so, we had to say goodbye, and, I couldnt say goodbye without laughing. It was so hard for me to even talk. I'd try to talk, but, it seemed my tongue was so huge and my mouth was numb that i couldnt even say anything. So, it was kinda hard for me to talk, i stuttered a lot! So, we were watching the movie, and i laughed non-stop. THere was one part where chris farley was talking to a girl and said that he was, THE GREAT WHITE NINJA. and I laughed so hard and I thought i was in the movie, and I was like, "NO, He's not the ninja! dont listen to him, he's lying!" my cousins told me to quiet down because their parents were asleep. Then i whispered,"But, he's lying!"

Then i went downstairs into the basement where they put a bedroom in. I sat there while my cousin was talking to me and my other cousin was on the computer. I lied down on the bed on my back, and brought my legs in and flapped my legs and arms together. I told them that I wanted to fly and felt like flying. then I told them i feel like a little fairy that wants to run through the fields hopping and skipping. Then i went back upstairs. finished the movie and said that the movie seemed so short. and they were like, what the hell is this kid talking about?

Then, after the movie, we went outside in front of the garage. We smoked a ciggerette and stared at the sky. They told me to lie down on the car and stare at the sky. I just lied down on the concrete and stared. They seemed like they were falling. Everything, all my senses seemed so super, i mean, i heard things, i could see things in the carpet, like little things, and i'd pick it up and throw it away. I just enjoyed tapping myself because it felt so good. BUt, we were outside and we just stared at my cousins toe, she and i kept laughing because her big toe was big. Then, I started drawing on their car, from the dust and dirt on the car. I drew a ninja turtle and a baby. I drew for about half an hour. then, i heard something, i heard the next door neighbors hose was still on. I asked my cousin if we should go tell them, and she was like,"it's 2 in the morning!" then we went in the garage and knelt down and stared at the ground.

but, through all this, i could not stop laughing! I laughed for 3 hours straight! i'd be watching tv and i'd just laugh for no reason, like, in that movie, chris farley's face just looked funny, so i just laughed at him, but, in the beginning, the movie hasnt even started yet, and they were showing a storm with a boat in the storm, andi just kept on laughing. Mine lated for only 4 hours, 2 1/2 hours of laughing, then, the rest i was just so happy. I couldnt stop smiling.

but, i really recomend shrooms. do it with an experience person. and have somebody there to comfort you.
but, the funny thing is, at 6:00, they had to drop me off at my aunties house so that we could head back home to the states. So, we just at shrooms 6 hours before I had to leave. funny shit. But, watch movies when you're fucked up, then go outside. I saw traces and everything looked blurry. I heard things. LIke, my cousin has a walkie talkie thing for the baby, her baby was upstairs with one of the walkie talkies and she had the other one downstairs. She went up to sleep and was talking through the walkie talkie to tell us that we needed to drop me off at 6. and i thought it was from the tv. then we were playing a video game and they said something, and i thought it was from the walkie talkie, and i tried talking back. and I was like, "No, no, listen, i could hear a man talking!"
THat was my first time ever! and i gotta do it again!

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