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My Intro To Shrooms - I love dark trips.

Well hello, hello and welcome to my little story about my first trip.

Well hello, hello and welcome to my little story about my first trip. I am about 5'7 with 160 pounds under my belt. It all started on February 21 at 1:43am. I bought a half from a friend of mine who swore up and down that these will kick my ass. She picked me up and drove me to the place we decided to trip, my friend Evelyn's apartment complex. I bought my half and they decided to hook me up with a little present, a small second sack for free. My free sack was about one small hand full of fun. Without even thinking I ate my free bag. We walked up stairs to my friends apartment where I met my tripping buddies. My two best-friends, Evelyn and Orion. We divined up the half between the three of use, stems, caps and all. There was some small bits left in the bottom of the bag that didn't quite look worth the chewing, so we decided to get a little inventive so we smoked it in a pipe. After we finished eating and smoking our shrooms, Evelyn had an idea. "Lets go next door and smoke some weed with Becca!" Orion and I being my major potheads we were had no complaints. We walked down the hall to Becca's place. She let us in with a smile after she learned about our shrooms. We sat down in her bedrooms and began smoking weed. My mushroom trip began in this very room. After one bowl of weed I felt like I had been hit stupid. Like a weird forced pushed on my chest and I sat back hard against the couch. My belly started cramping a lot but within another five minuets it didn't matter anymore. The ICP clown on her wall started to laugh and stare at me. The ceiling began to crawl with colored maggots oozing from the ceiling. Shadow's became creatures and I could hear weird incoherent voices all around me whispering away. I actually enjoined the freaky nature of the trip so far. That was about 2:30 am, my journey was just beginning. We left Becca's place because Orion, who I call "O", and Evelyn began to feel the body high. I bolted down the halls running full speed to feel the wind move my face. Now back at the apartment it really started to get freaky. In Evelyn apartment we have what we call, the Zen Room. It where we do our little drug parties and such. The Zen Room has one window, one couch, a TV with only cable, and alto of art on the walls. One art picture really caught my eye, it was one of those velvet black light coloring posters of a dragon. Done with all bright colors with x-mas lights around it. While staring at the dragon it snarled and began to move. I could see the nostrils of the dragon move as it was breathing. To my left my eyes caught a very quick random image bolt off into the darkness. I lounged onto the floor, army crawl style and watched for another image. Seeing not one but hundreds of things I needed help. O and Evelyn had no idea what was going on in the living room like I did, they couldn't help. So I found a stuffed teddy bear to be my side-kick. With Bear on my back I army crawled into the darkness. The voices danced around my, rushing my face and fading away back to the black mass it was. Bear gave me some comfort until they rushed me again. My heart rate jumped to a new level and I tossed Bear as a distraction and escaped with my life. Back in the Zen room with Evelyn and O, they were watching TV, telling me how when the people talked they looked like monkeys. Right about here I began to lose sight of reality. I say around 2:30 I became another person. I no longer understood how they could just sit there and do nothing. I had to explore. I finally convinced O and Evelyn to venture into the complex. We played hide and seek. It wasn't until later I learned that it was me who was hiding and disappearing. They tried to follow me but I felt almost a primal instinct with in me. I decided it play with my pray the best way I could, mind games. I stripped down to just my shirt and PJ pants. I lost my socks but still had my shoes on.... for now. I bolted down the halls as the chased me. The apartment to me became the hotel from The Shining. I sat down in one hallway alone. Not completely mind you, the voices never left me. Like a demonic hymn the voices sang and whispered. Down the hall a door open. My friends found me and called me a nut case. We traveled back to the apartment. Once back there the room no longer felt dark, it was just right. I could see the entire room with no lights on. The best way I can explain the primal feeling I had is almost like a cat. I felt like I could do anything. I am already a flexible person because of wrestling so I used that to my full extent. I would crawl all over the couch and crouch like a gargoyle over the tables, ready to swoop down and take my pray. Soon Evelyn came to me and we talked on the couch, I sat kitty style and talked with her. Eventually she decided to had a back rub by me. I sat over her back and I would press slowly into her back to feel her bones move. I kept moving and smelling her, I seriously felt like an animal. Me and Evelyn kinda had a thing for each other forever ago. So its kinda hard to explain out relationship. Think friends with benefits. So I moved my hand thru her hair and I grabbed a hand full and pulled her face to me. She smiled and rolled her neck. This continued for what seemed forever. It was like sex with our clothes on. Moving and grinding all over the place. Well that was most of my night, and I still feel the animal inside me.

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