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my house is a circus?!

my buddies and i eat some shrooms sat night in my moms apartment since she was gone for the weekend.

my buddies and i eat some shrooms sat night in my moms apartment since she was gone for the weekend. We started off walking to 7-11 like 2 blocks from the apartment, everyone was tripin cause some crack ho came running up to us from this gas station and started offering herself, but since we were shroomin it was more scary than anything else After about an hour everyone was tripin execpt for me and the mushrooms were all from the same batch. But i had triped like 2 days b4 so my immunity was still up, so after an hour of being sober i ate half of another 1/8 and split the other half amoung my 3 friends. Still nothing, but we decided to pass my bubbler around and then it hit me like a ton of bricks! I had barley finished in hailing when i was shroomin like crazy. i got the best visuals of my life. the room wasnt wavy like the other times, everything seemed normal, but in different colors, and nothing stood still. Everything in the room was moving, mostly foating. The room changed colors and looked like a circus, we had the classic hendrix in the backlground and everything was alive! we changed things up a little bit, we started playing with a strobe light and some techno. that was fun for a little bit. Then we put more hendrix in (electric ladyland) and just chilled on the coutch. I felt like a god, we were all thinking like 100mph and everything was so clear, it all made sense. My mind seperated from my body and i felt like my mind was floating. Not really ego loss, but my body definently did not matter anymore. At one point i was holding a big pillow and i felt my whole body grom to the size of the pillow. We went outside to check out the sky whitch was amazing as usual and we began talking about what the indians must have triped on back in the day. Over all the experience was very intense, and i appriciate life so much more and i am so thankful for mushrooms. peace!

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