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first time awesome!!

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I was on a school trip and had gotten on a bus to go to a giant arcade. So i took my shrooms by themselves. I sucked on them for a while and then chewed them. they tasted really bad, LIke regular mushrooms times ten. it took about 20 minutes for me to feel anything. then i started seeing spots and my friends started talking in slow motion and everything was funny. we got off the bus and went into the arcade. we were given cards to swipe on the machines. I kept trying mine but it wouldnt work. so i went back to the desk and told them. the desk clerk kept talking to me but it sounded like the parents on charlie brown so all i heard was mwow, mwow, mwow, mwow. I kept telling him i really needed a new card over and over again until i was yelling it. (i think he gave me one to get rid of me). i went back into the arcade and started talking to my friend robin who said her card didnt work because she was chewing on it. i found this hilarious and laughed. she seemed so afraid of everyting and didnt want to move from her spot. i started to feel the way she felt, it was strange. i left her to play games but i lost interest in them easily. Until i found one game i really liked. you had to stand on a platform and shoot targets on the celing, but instead of shooting targets i was shooting people on the ground, i kind of got upset because i thought i was killing them. but when i found out i wasnt it was ok. i found my friend paula and we went to get something to eat. i was kind of confused at this time and i felt like i needed to have someone tell me what to do. we got our food and i went and sat with my friend nathan. I didnt want to eat my food. i just wanted to look at it. nathan asked me why i wasnt eating and i said "because this french fry obviously has a mother and i cant eat it". i told him to take my food but i felt sad after because i didnt have it anymore. my friend nick wanted my playing card but i wouldnt give it to him because i thought it was too valuable. after we ate i felt amazing, like i could do anything, colours were brighter, music was better, i felt like a million. i was playing games and beating high scores. i felt invincible. i was sad when we had to leave but once we went outside i felt great. i was spinning around in circles laughing my head off. a bunch of people were feeling like me and we started singing on the bus. some were really tired.
we got back to my hotel room and i started rolling up joints. like 15 people were in the room buying them. i felt so great. i was laughing and talking and being clever i felt so confident and i was rolling great. i felt like this for the rest of the night my feelings were expanded and my perspectives were different. i wasnt tired at all but i knew i needed to sleep so at 4 in the morning i smoked 3 joints which made my feelings become heightened and i finally got some sleep.
i loved the way i felt and i cant wait to do it again!!

peace- c

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