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My Friend Jesus


Well...how do I begin? I have shroomed 8 times before this trip. I think I am a respectably intelegent person, not dumb but have a lot of insight, and I think it is essential that you must try shrooms once, because it just might change your perspective on life for the rest of your days, for the better.

Ah...shrooms, just the word now brings happiness in my mind. When I shroom, Im free. I can talk about everything and nothing at the same time. I dont like the taste though, now you get my drift, well any who back to the story. My friend Wills and I ate an 8th at around 11 am on a windy day. This day there was to be many shrooms that werer going to be consumed. There was to be exactly five of us. Now five minutes later my friend J shows up. Now J resembles jesus in every way. Ive shroomed while hes been around me but this was to be his first time. After that two of my other friends show up, T and P. Well I was starting to feel the effects, when T and P started to ingest, so they started later than me and J started earlier than I so we all came together at different times. Now this trip was not very intense but it showed me many hidden things.

So about a half an hour into it, Im boomin pretty well, Ive never had a bad trip and hope I never do, but this trip was really fun, we went outside and chilled on some chairs and talked. My friend P left, but he would be back. As we talked I looked at my friend T, his pupils always grow to an enormous size, and I saw that he was staring at the tree in front of us. He said to me, "Dude, that tree is like half evil and half good.", and the tree was. As I looked at it I also noticed that it seemed to have to sides to it. It had pink buds all over it, but those bud were cut right down the middle, on the left they were closed and dark, becuz of the shadow that was casted on that side and also they were motionless. Now on the right side they were lively and open, they also swayed in the wind, and as I watched my friend said..,"Its the garden of good and evil."

Now after this my friend Wills wanted to get on the roof, so he climbed up, and urged me to climb as well, and I did. Now my J was standing on the ground saying how am I going to get up, I said he should fly up,well becuz hes Jesus, and he said, well over time I have lost all my powers and, well...now Im just the average Joe. And well thats his name. Now this struck me with a great revalation, I dunno why but it did. Like over time he has just lost every thing and become the average Joe. It was just one of those moments when the right thing is said at the right time. The I said I would pull him up, and he thought this impossible, but he gave me his hand and I pulled him up. He believes that I have some power. Now T was still in a chair, hes not a very lively character, really milky skinny but he is one of my best friends. I knew he didnt come at that moment because he didnt believe he could make it up, so I said I would also pull him up and as soon as he came up I saw some color come to his face as though life had come back to him. Now as we sat on the roof, we shot the shit for awhile, then I started asking J things. I genuinlly believe he is Jesus. Now even though he is a kid and as am I, he indulges me on double time. Now double time is his way of explaining to us how the world works. Heres a simple example of Double Time. Now when you walk thats regular movement, when you run thats doulble running. This is double time. Now apply that to everything.

Now after all this I started to come down, slowly though, very slowly. I dont get great visuals, I think I dont because I can imagine everything without seeing it. Like being an artist, I dont need to see things because I can imagine them without shrooms.

Well anyhow, so I came down with all these things running through my mind, but I had learned many a thing. IM me at Bombshanka69

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