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My first trip....grin from ear to ear!

My 2 friends and I finally were able to get ahold of some shrooms yesterday.

My 2 friends and I finally were able to get ahold of some shrooms yesterday. we had to drive for a very long time to get them, but that was o.k. with us. I was so happy that I was actually going to do this, since I had been wanting to do it for so long.

When we got home, I was already mentally prepared. I had been planning out what we should do for a while now. I had half of an 8th and drank down some orange juice. I had plenty of water too, just in case a felt a little dry. So we are all sitting on my couch watching Cartoon Network. We had music playing on the computer at the same time. We had the volume on the t.v. turned down, so we could here the Paul Oakenfold techno that was playing. We had really cool pop up screen savers on the computer screen. They were like spirals of colors, rainbow waves, colored ink blots,etc.

At first, I seemed to be getting kind of cold clammy hands, but it didn't bother me. After a few more minutes, my chest and stomach started to feel warm and fuzzy. I was excited, I couldn't stop grinning, even if I tried. We turned on the strobe light and the black light too. So we had all kinds of stuff going all at once. Sweeet!!! It all seemed to start blending.

Then it was really kicking in. Randy got up and started doing Liquid dancing, and it was mesmorizing! It was so graceful. I could feel the light from the strobe bouncing off of me. Then I looked at the screen saver for a while, I could've got lost in it. The colors never seemed so alive. Then I was watching "Family Guy", which is one of my favorite shows. The people seemed 2 dimensional, they looked like pop outs. The screen seemed to have a yellow veil over it at times, then sometimes purple. All the images in the background were tilting and waving, just slightly. At one point, it looked like the people were melting kind down the screen. But none of this seemed to frighten me, I was happy, and it all just made me giggle. But then, a comercial came on, the guy on the screen looked like he got punched in the face, there was blood splattered on his forhead and cheek. Faces started to look really detailed and contorted.

Ill try to rap this story up now. I remember sitting there thinking how Randy got kind of annoying at times, but how I was really enjoying his company right then. He was making me laugh and smile, and I just felt glad to have him as a friend. I loved all my friends. Oh!, we called the kitchen the "Normal Room", If the strobe light, and colors started to make us a little dizzy, we'd walk in the "Normal Room" for a minute, it was pretty funny at the time. Words were cool to say. We'd all pick a funny sounding word and repeat it around the room, my stomach ached from my intense laughing. Also, I felt like apart of the couch, and my legs were melting off the cushion. My legs seemed to be deformed, but i couldn't stop looking down at them. I knew they were normal, but they looked crazy!

All in all, it was an incredible experience. I will definitely do it again, it was a bonding experience I will never forget. Everything was just peaceful, I did not think it was bad at all, and i did not freak out.

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