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My First Trip on Shrooms....

This all started on 8/10/06 when I called my friend Bill to pick up to see if he could get me some shrooms.

This all started on 8/10/06 when I called my friend Bill to pick up to see if he could get me some shrooms. I had been look for them for a while when he had said he found someone with some.. So i bought an eighth from them. My friend Agnes said i could trip at her house tomorrow around 2 o' clock... so i decided to wait.

The next day, i went to football from 7am-1pm. After that, i got home and took a shower. By this time i was extremely tired. It was about 1:30pm when i got on my bike and left for Nick's house (Agnes' neighbor, open house most of the day). At 1:40 i bought a ten spot of bud of my friend Bert. And me and my Neighbor, Danny, whom was there smoked it with Nick. After smoking the Dank ass buds, I had a Pretty nice buzz. At about this time (2:00ish) i decided to Eat the shrooms. I ate them straight with the occasional swig of cream soda, i finished them in about 20 seconds. Then i ate a thing of fruit snacks (for the vitamin C in it cuz i heard you trip harder with it). Well seeing as it was my first time, I started to worry alittle bit, but i think that might of been from the paranoia from the bud.

I called Agnes' over to Nick's house. We chilled there for about 20 mins and watched TV. We were watching some movie when i noticed the guys faces on the show started to 'squirm' around and vibrate some what. Then it really hit me when i looked over to some person I didn't know very well, I believe his name was Conor. I saw his face starting to shape shift and kind of wiggle. We moved into the other room and i sat on a couch while everyone smoked more bud. I sat and stared at the painting on the wall. The frames started to move like caterpillars in a rectangle and the painting of a bot broke free from the sea and sailed across the wall. At around 2:30 I'm guessing, Me, Dan, Nick, Kasey and Agnes went over to Agnes' house.

I remember walking across yards to her house then going inside and Agnes saying: "You know where the basement is." and i responded with "Yeah" but when i walked to where i thought it was, it was the bathroom. They showed me where it was and we went down. She has an L shaped couch with a pull out bed on it down there. so i laid down and the others sat on the longer part of the couch. They put in "A goofy movie" for us to watch. I later found out that Dan said it'd be trippy for me if we watched it. and it was. very much so. I remember getting alittle bit into the movie when I asked Kasey what time it was. and she said 3:06. But when she said that i realized i had forgotten how to tell time. It had made no sense to me what so every, like it was a different language. So i decided to look at the VCR for the time cuz they usually have it on them. but i couldn't read it cuz the numbers we're melting and the buttons we're spinning and flashing and the outline of it was Caterpillaring around in black and white stripes. I had my leg up and one leg down on the bed... and above the leg that was bent up, was a red light. it seemed the red light and my leg created a barrier of sorts from the rest of the group. I remember asking Them, When did we get in here like 4-5 times. and then after that i asked if they could hear what i was saying cuz everything i said would echo in my head several times, but they said yes. At this point in time everything was melting and spinning and breathing and morphing in to different shit and it seemed it would never end, i actually got sorta scared. Then i heard Dan say: "I'm so baked" to nick and i tried to thing about how it felt to be high. and i couldn't remember! Even though i smoke a good amount of pot everyday. I then asked them while i was saying something if i was speaking English, cuz it didn't seem like they could understand me.

Then it started sounding like everyone one was talking underwater, with that bubbley noise. even the cartoons in the movie. My friends started to say we were on a boat when i told them this and i surprisingly didn't believe them. I just said "Don't do that." and continued tripping.

Agnes made popcorn and brought it down, they threw a piece at me and i ate it and it felt like pop rocks in my mouth. I also told them this so they thought it'd be funny to bring down Real pop rocks and make me eat them. The popping freaked me out but i ate them.

When i started to come down we went up stairs and i ate 2 oranges. they tasted amazing. Kasey pulled a retractable pen outta the drawer and extended it at me. At first i thought i was just tripping cuz i couldn't grab it. But she wasn't letting me grab it was the thing. The weird thing was it had a magnet at the end so she stuck it to the refrigerator and i though it was all rubbery. I looked at a light switch cover that had a scene painted on it with sun flowers and ants and it started in motion, like a movie.

We went it to her family room to watch V for Vendetta and her carpet was fucking trippy as hell. it was bouncing up and down and swirling around. The movie wasn't even interesting compared to the carpet.

When i was able to act straight, i was still buzzing and we went bowling and it was amazing.

Thats about it...


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