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My First Trip Ever !

Hi, My name is Mike.

Hi, My name is Mike. I’m not too good at writing long story’s of any sorts (Since this is my first time writing a “Trip Report” bare with me. I’m not one that can say I know much about psychedelic drugs, infact this was my first trip on shrooms. I live in Harford County (one thing I hate about trip reports is people using fake locations/names; I’m not all that concerned so I give real info). Anyhow, Here in Harford County, nothing besides pot is really popular, and yes I’ve been a marijuana user for some time now, well since I was 13 now I’m 19 practically going into my 20’s. My best friend Mark from down the street (grade school buddy he’s 19 as well), and his friend (also a friend of mine) Foster, who had been home from college for some time now (he had just quit, and was taking up a job back in the area so he could be more closer to family/friends). One boring Wednesday night we planned that for the following weekend we would go up to Houcks County, Pennsylvania (a hippie location in the boon-dox) and get some dried Psilocybe cubensis (of good quality supposebly) these were from some 32 year old hippie who lived/cultivated them back in the woods at his log cabin home. He went by the nickname “Rusty”. Foster knew the guy, Mark and I didn’t. So in a way Foster was our hookup for the shrooms. He knew where Houcks County was, and where this guy “Rusty” was located.

So now fast forward close to 7 days later, I was eagerly anticipating my first trip. Foster and Mark went down early Wednesday morning, and I decided to stay home (I gave Mark my money since I’ve always trusted him since we were really young). Foster drove his truck down to Houcks County, (it was a 2 ½ hr drive, so I stayed home). I gave mark $45.00 bucks for 4.5 grams of Dried Psilocybe cubensis (they were 10.00 a gram supposebly). They had left at about 11 in the morning around lunch time for me at my house, and at about 5:30 ish or so, Foster had called from his cell telling me him and Mark were on there way home, they took so long because first it was 5 hours both ways, and they stayed at Rustys house for a while shooting the shit (chatting), they told me everything was good, and tonight was going to be great. We hung up with each other, at about 30 minutes later Mark called back on the cell phone saying “we just got tailgated by a car on I-83, and were sitting on the side of the road, cops are coming, I have to go shit!!. After I heard the cell phone hang up, I was like “OMG, not only are they going to be in big shit, this just fucked up the whole night DAMN!” I went inside my house (I was outside on the cordless phone). Went into my room and just jammed out to some Grateful Dead (live/dead) trying not to think about what had just happened within the last few moments. At about 3 minutes later, I hear a car/truck (sounding like Fosters) pull up, and I looked out my 2nd story room window (I can see the whole driveway) to see Foster and Mark getting out of Fosters 1994 Toyota Tundra (which was still in decent condition). So, I was like thinking “what the hell?”. I went outside, and they were laughing. It was all a prank to scare me, I thought in my head. They told me to get some movies, (being it was Marks 2nd time tripping), and (Fosters 3rd time), they knew what to expect. They told me to get some Cola, (coke), and a few other things. Mark had said my bag weighed out to be 4.9 grams. They had gotten a 15 gram bag, so why not give everyone 5 grams, Mark weighed out in my room (my parents were home sleeping), he weighed out a 5 gram’s for me, and showed me the whole bag of 15 grams, a little over a ½ ounce. We decided we would go up to the VFW (every Wednesday they have VFW kids/dancing night), we drove up there in Fosters truck, said Hello to the few people we knew and made our way down Marks long ass driveway (he only lives like 2 seconds from the VFW). He lives way back in the woods on a 116 acre Log Cabin house. (A great setting for a trip). We went into Marks room, set everything up, by this time it was around 7:45. At about 8:15 (this was August) so remember, it was still light outside. We turned on South Park: Bigger, Longer; and Uncut for dvd, and sat there as we quietly anticipated 10:00 to roll around. That was the time we were to ingest each of the three of us our 5 gram bags. Foster had said these were top notch, good P cubensis. They were the rave of the area. Like they were all dried and crumpled together in that Ziploc bag, looking all ready to eat.

10:00 rolled around and we all sat on our knees next to this coffee table Mark had in his room, he had 3 blacklights, illumintating the whole room (which had about 10 posters all blacklight). He had some Phish going on in the backround (live phish). Door was closed, and nobody was in the room besides us three and Marks 4 year old golden retriever “Hudson”. Mark dumped the crumpled up stringy looking paper things on the brown table, and with the digital scale weighed them out, and split them up into groups on the table in each of our directions. I cracked open the 2 liter coke bottle, as Foster and Mark shared a 2 liter Sprite bottle. Mark and Me simotaneously slammed all 5 crumpled grams into our mouths, while Foster (being the oldest and most intellectual of the group) took them by bagel bite sizes. Little clump here and Little clump there, me and mark took them like one whole beastly bite. Mark sat back on his L-shaped black leather couch (that he had just boughten a few weeks before at IKEA). I sat back down in the dark bageish brown leather recliner, and Foster sat down on the ground on this huge bean bag, South Park was still playing. I thought the shrooms tasted horrible, but that’s just an opinion, I don’t think the tasted like shit, but they did taste very foul and not of good quality. (Definetly not store bought) LOL. I’ve read many trip reports where it can kick in 10-14 mins as fast. Not so fast as for me (I am a little heavier so, that might have been the reason). At about 25 minutes after I ingested them sitting on the recliner just trying to keep myself in a good mood, I started feeling little tingly needle like feelings at the tips of my fingers/feet. Kind of like when your body goes numb. Goosebumps arose all over my body, like the room was cold (Mark has a huge A/C unit in the wall that was on) so that could have been the reason. 15 minutes later, is when it really started to kick in, I remember looking over at mark, and his teeth were illuminated by the black light, he had the largest most gigantic smile on his face and was so tranced out by the Movie (which by the way was still playing). Foster was over in his little corner with a huge smile/of interesting/intrigue as well, like a little kid opening his eyes to the world for the first time. I was sitting there having a hard time adjusting to what seemed to me as the T.V. was becoming hard to look at. Not that I was scared or anything, I just looked and next thing you know within a flash/heartbeat the t.v. started appearing purpleish in color and very distorted, I could hear the South park characters, but I couldn’t see the action on screen, maybe the T.V. was too illuminated? I don’t know, and still don’t know till this day. I just remember, looking and failing to see anything but purple lines, and horizontal colors of some sort. I couldn’t see anything on the actual T.V. (crazy I thought), I was concentrating on the T.V. but found it hard to see anything but lines/colors. Then the next thing that happened was so crazy but awesome, Mark concentrating on his white plastered ceiling (the ceilings that have those plastered little rigid chunks) he told me to look up and concentrate, I looked up and concentrated and (just like those white and black pinwell programs on your computer) that’s what I saw, kind of like quick sand of some sorts, little horizontal patterns were engrossing the whole ceiling, it was the most amazing sight I have ever seen (and I’ve never hallucinated before). I stared at least for the next 25 minutes or so at the ceiling until, a thought rushed through my head and I looked down to see the brown stained carpet floor looking very bubbylish, and weird. I cant explain it, it was just a very odd feeling looking at his floor, thinking things like “I wonder how many peoples feet have covered this floor at any given time over the last 20 years). Crazy but very interesting thoughts filled my head, then to my amazement I looked over at one of Marks blacklight posters and it was a poster of a Female body that was made into a tree, and all these small other trees where behind it, while I stared at this poster, within it, the trees started swaying back and fowarth to the music (pink floyd) , the song on was: “breathe” and it was like a mind orgasim, I just stared at this lonely poster like it was the only thing in the room that remained, and I got this ultimate body high, looking at how amazing these trees were when swaying back and fowarth, they were swaying to the beat of the music, slowly but gracefully. I got up slowly and decided I wanted to go to the bathroom, Foster was over by the Nintendo 64, just staring at it fixing his glasses on his face, and he was saying things like “I wonder when Mario Kart 64 was created”, like some kind of mad scientist. Mark was still in his little world on the couch, I announced that I was going to the bathroom, I found it hard to leave the room and make my way to the bathroom (which is near Marks room). I finally made it in the bathroom, and I took my leak, and then went to the mirror, I’ve heard horror stories/and beautiful mirror stories, I saw nothing I was not impressed, so I turned around to go to the door, and leave after flushing, and I made my slow entrance back into Marks room, the ceiling and floor were still swirling and bubbylish kind of like they had hearts and were “breathing”. I sat down in my spot, and Foster threw me a Camel (cig), that was the only brand he smoked. So I (not being a hardcore chain smoker) I took it with delight, I don’t buy many packs, I just “leech” off of my friends when it comes to cigs. So I had to no choice whether it was Camel or Marlboro, that was what Foster smoked, so I was confined to that this given night. I light the cig up with what looked to me to be a blue bic lighter. Foster had given me, lol amazing I still knew what it was. Now here comes the awesome part, I looked at the cig with only a small amount of cherry on it, and I was encompassed by it, it was like multiple tracers followed behind it as I stared and zoned out. I would wave it in a groovy pattern, and at least 4 tracers or so would follow behind, kind of like what “E” does to you when you look at glow sticks. (Foster has done E and explained to me), well this visual was crazy, I sat there not even taking puffs just moving the cig around like a glow stick, Foster later told me that I put the cig out, and tried to eat part of it, I was so zoned out, I may have tried to, but I don’t remember that part. Maybe he was just fooling with me, but then again he rarely lies so…who knows

Anyhow, I got up to look at that poster that had the trees in it, I had to cross the whole room and when I got to it, it was moving very fast like a American Flag in the wind (of course there was the A/C unit next to it) but it was moving way fast to be coming from the AC unit, I decided it was my trip that made it look so transparent and fast. It looked crisp and clear as day, and was moving in weird jerking motions very fast. Foster made the comment “Mikes inspecting the poster”, which I found to be hilarious, and started laughing with all intentions, and I couldn’t stop for the longest time, I was joined in by Marks laughter. We all started laughing, Mark started laughing because of me laughing, Foster started laughing at Mark for laughing at me, by 10 mins, we had no idea why we were still laughing. Someone once told me when your tripping’ no one on the outside gets what your saying, but everybody that’s with you tripping will understand it, even if it makes no sense. I know understand what that person meant. I was laughing for no apparent reason, but Foster and Mark some how telepathically knew what I was laughing about, and they continued to laugh with me.

At about this time <11:30 ish or so> We all got up and decided to go down stairs and take a hike out in Marks backyard (which was over 116 acres) they had over 8 trails that lead all the way around their property so, we all went down stairs, I looked back into Marks room before I left the room to see Marks dog Hudson just lying there (they smoke a lot of pot with it), I stared at it for a few seconds and noticed its head was very small and thing (paper like). Then I peaked my head out of the room and followed the other two downstairs. We went past the kitchen (everyone in the house was sleeping) including marks 3 older brothers, mom and dad. It had rained briefly earlier, and the blacktop on marks driveway was being shined down by a mid-night flood light, which sparkeled the raindrops on the driveway, making it look like some mirage from a Egyptian movie, like a thousand diamonds strewed across the way. (remember Incubus when’ one of there Lyrics say something about the ocean looking like a thousand diamonds), well that’s what this driveway looked liked, “Mother Of Pearl” or something of that matter, it was the most beautiful scene, Mark and Foster must have saw this as well. They were amazed at its beauty. As we walked back to the forest in Marks house, I couldn’t help but so suddenly be stopped by this tree/bush thing, that was about 7 feet tall next to their driveway, I Stared at it, and just stared as the other two continued on, not knowing I had stopped. I looked at the leafs closely and they seemed to have been morphing of some sort, It was the most craziest thing I ever saw, these leaves were growing and coming out towards me like they were trying to grab me. (Mark had told me earlier to look at trees). I was so amazed at this, I decided to fall into the tree and let the whole tree engulf me, like I was its son. Crazy shit huh? Well, that’s the way I thought at that particular moment, it was beautiful/and crazy but very melodic at the same time. I just drifted into the trees arms. Hoping it would engulf me like that one part in BeastMaster where the main good guy “beastmaster” was engulfed by those bat looking things. I then noticed no change, so I slowly eased my way out of the tree/driveway. I hurried along following Foster and Mark (who were about 100 feet ahead). Looking at everything I could as I ran along, I finally caught up with them and they were mumbling some kind of weird shit, that I found to be interesting, like I was James Bond and I was trying to decipher the talk the two had maintained for more then 10 minutes. We came to this clearing right next to the trail, Foster had the oh-so brilliant idea to just flop down onto the wet/mushy ground and stare at the stars, if I were to of been sober I would have been like “hell no”, but I was trippin, and about to hit my peak so I decided simotaneously with mark to fall down in the dirt with Foster and just stare, I usually am not that type of person to stare at the stars it’s never been my thing, I’ve tried it when sober, and It’s nothing special, at least in my opinion (then again I’m no astromoner). Or however you spell it.

Anyhow, I feel down into the dirt and I looked and stared and concentrated all at the same time, a million beautiful thoughts raced into my head, and my body high began to increase, very strong. I knew my peak was rising Im guess it was about 12 ish or so now. The stars seemed beautiful, and I thought I saw a shooting star on a few numerous times during the 45 minutes we sat there, talking about the meaning of life, and why we were here. We took turns pointing out the coolest looking mirages in the sky, I thought this feeling was like being back in the 6th grade Planitarium again or something, It was just the coolest thing I had ever seen. The sky was so beautiful, it was like for that moment in time, we (all three of us) were in bubble, like there was no sky/no life besides that little bubble we were laying in, the sky was ours, and ours only. That portion of the sky was our portion, like there was no other sky then this little section we were looking at, I was enveloped in all these different Ideas, like I didn’t know what to think it was so beautiful nothing not even love could have such profound impact on me, it was the most beautiful eye raising/back of your neck hair raising view I had ever seen, it was just so internally pretty, and organic, I thought this was the sky that our Lord the messenger had created, I don’t want to get all biblical, but that was the thought that had raced through my head, it all made sense, I think I finally for once (and I don’t mean to sound clique), but I finally understood something and It overwhelmed me with joy, not just for a minute but for a few hours. At about 1, we got up or so from the ground and brushed off, to my amazement, my trip was still in yield effect, all three of us decided to take the left path and walk down the road, and continue to talk, somewhere down the road, we came across a 4-way dirt path intersection, I thought (this is a symbol from god, we are at a crossroads in our life) which in reality we were, we were just beginning to blossom as humans. I saw many things as I closed my eyes, very very intense closed eyed visuals, like traveling through space, and these multi-color kaleidoscopes it was soo crazy/beautiful, unlike anything I had ever seen in my life, it was just simply crazy. I continued to walk behind Foster and Foster was behind Mark (since this was his property). I saw what looked to be like black holes in the ground, and me and the rest of them (foster and mark) must have saw it too, we spent like 35 minutes just hopping around the path, trying not to fall in these holes, (later on we figured out they were acorns). We came to another cross path, and I saw a large stick that was in the figure of a branch of some sorts, like on the ground and torn away from a tree, the same branch scared Foster to death, he thought it was a giant worm, and it was telling him his sister was a bitch, I heard it say something, like a creeble crabble, we had just watched Blair Witch (for the first time) the other night, and even though it was a fake movie, it had left some weird thoughts in our head, right now would not be the right time to start thinking of blair witch, welp, guess what? The inevitable did happen.

Fast forward 12 minutes later, still walking and chit chatting, Mark picks up a rock and starts saying “think guys, at one time this rock could have been a human, remember, we as humans all die and go back to earth, to the ground which we sewn our seeds, we return back to dust, so at one time this rock was formatted into dust, so this at one time could have been a human millions of millions of years ago” crazy thought, but it had some logic to it, maybe? Maybe he was holding a compiled skeleton of a warrior from the
1200 b.c.? maybe so. It was a thought that I would ponder for the next few moments, until it happened….

Fosters dumb ass had the thought he might bring up, “blair witch” while walking deep into the woods (remember we had been walking for more then a hour) and we were easily 2 miles or so away from the house, I know this much. We had came across at least 3 or 4 intersections, and Mark had never really walk this way. Soon as Foster mentioned Blair Witch, those two words echoed in my heads, it started to get breezy, and very cold, and I felt I heard things talking behing me, and I heard trees moving fastly above, me, next thing you know it got very fast. And my heard started pacing, I raced in front of Foster, and we all began to run, like at that moment, we all ran into separate directions, and continued to run for no apparent reason, I had this dreadful feeling something was behing me (mark and foster must have had this feeling as well since they were running too) we ran for like 14 minutes or so, until we were all out of sight (just like the movie) I was scared to death, not knowing what was to become of me. I ran and ran and ran, what seemed to be an eternity, and then fell to the ground, face in mud, whispering little English hymns to myself assuring myself that I would be alright. I got up and walked slowly around in a dazed area, which I know reason or knowing where I was mentally/or physically. I saw trees all around me seemingly bending like rubber, all around. Whispering Japanease words that scared the heck out of me even more, I felt like a little 8 year old boy lost in a unknown place. I was deathly scared. Emotionally hard-driven, 1000 thoughts raced through my head, I couldn’t see the path infront of me, nor could I see the path behind me, I was deeper in the jungle of darkness, then thoughts of despair started filling my head I remember the book “Lord of the Flies” and I got even more scared, what if I was to have to adapt and survive in this lush jungle? What if I was to become king of this area? And thrown into the world of chaos? What If I had to control my own destiny? All these thoughts raced through my head, as I walked around bewildered and confused all muddy and tired. Still my trip was intense at like 1:30 in the morning, I fell down this mountain side, after a few seconds of walking and I continued to fall which seemed an internity,and It reminded me of the Metalllica MTV video
”enter sandman” I fell and fell and fell, and fell, and I felt like I was never going to hit the bottom, like there was no bottom. Then I felt my back hit this sort of stone hedge, which stopped me. I sat there breathing hard with mud on my nose, lying in the ground thinking to myself “is this the end”. I woke suddenly and opened my eyes, to see/hear a water fall nearby, (mark never mentioned a waterfall in the woods) very odd. I got up and brushed off, looking like I had just got done a war. I slowly looked like the boy from Jurassic Park (the original) when he had came out of the woods from that car in the tree. I walked up to this stream, and looked at the way which was still and it moved in thousands of diamond ways, it just moved and moved, the water was a turquoise color, and it looked like something from a video game. I turned my way and heard a waterfall up ahead, I walked for about 18 minutes, no longer scared or worried about where my friends had headed. I wondered along this rigid rocky path, and came to this stop where I was forced to climb a straight upwards 90 degree angle rock, to get back to where I came from, at least so I thought. When I got up there above the rock, I saw a ghostly looking clear shaded young looking boy looking very transparent say something along those lines of “the house is just above yonder”, go to it “you will find shelter” and then he disappeard like a thick smog. I wandered aimessley for about another half and hour straight forward through thicker bushes, but I had such a body high and I was so numb, I couldn’t even feel my body being pricked.

Finally I came upon this house wooden, old abandoned house, I never ever heard Mark mention anything about a old log looking wooden house way out in the woods, but after two streams, and two mountain tops of climbing I finally reached my destination, I figured I would rest here to the morning then I would try and navigate my way through the woods, it was crazy but very interesting. I went inside to hear raindrops (it was a two story building) I found it amazing that I just walked up into this place with no hesitation, and sat down, I went back outside because I had thought I heard my mom yelling for me, so I went back outside and turned around and saw the weirdest thing I had ever seen in my natural born life, I saw the side of the house and it looked like a human face, two of the windows formed a whole brow with two eyes, and the doorway looked like a set of smiling teeth, I layed down on the muddy bank again, and looked up and the clouds that were forming into stars and it looked like a gigantic set of smiling teeth, and it just beckoned me to come up with them and join the parade, I told the frogs in the sky smiling no, I Had to join and find Mark and Foster, I was on a mission. I got up and went into the house and I heard the sounds of dragging chains and raindrops once again, this time It scared me and at the same time made me happy, maybe there were other lost people upstairs? I went up slowly the side steps to the second floor, and there I was horrified I saw the worst thing In my life, omg…Mark and Foster were ..d.ead….? not it cant be, they were lying in a corner of the room all wrapped up in a blanket, I looked at them and walked up to them, and found out that they were just sleeping, they must of found there way here first, I woke them up like 10 minutes later and they started screaming, they ran downstairs, thinking I was a ghost, because I looked so pale, but I conviced them I wasn’t dead, they thought I was dead for the longest time. We sat down and discussed after realizing we were all alive, and happy once again. We decided to talk about what we had saw when we were apart, Foster told me he spoke to his long dead grandmother from the grave, and mark told me he talked to a few Forrest dwarfs and they told him where the old abandoned house was, sounds like a fairy tale huh? Well its all true, it was all there, Mark said he was scared because for a while everything around him was 2-D and wasn’t coherent, and Foster said he heard the Golden Girls theme while running through the Forrest, he said he saw a few weird looking creatures from a far off distance, and he was scared and continued to run, he bumped into Mark and they almost had a heart attack and that’s how they met up, they both said they found there way to the lodge, and decided to look around for me thinking I had beaten them to the spot. They then went upstairs and covereted there mission that they would get up in the morning and look for me in a few hours, I was happy we both told our sides of the story, and we slept quietly for the rest of the night, still having a few visuals here and there but the trip was beginning to wear off, I was guessing by this time it was 4 or so is in the morning (we talked a lot). We woke up a few hours later around 8 ish, and still kind of tired but feeling pretty decent we decided to take a fast walking hike back up the spot where the giant worm had been (it was a twisted branch) we were all sober and ready to get some real sleep since Mark didn’t have to work, when we got back down to the driveway (which was 2 hours later) Mark went inside and his parents had already left for work, and Foster got everything Packed up and gave me a ride home in his truck, all the way to my house (5 minutes) we talked about our discoveries we had last night, and how much of amazing beautiful quest it was, this was an remarkable moment in my life, something I will never ever forget, something that no one could possibly forget, they both feel the same way. It has been something that has changed my life for the better I suppose, some crazy ass fairy tale story, that actually happened. It was like a Quest for Knowledge or something, but whatever it was it was unforgettable, I will definetly trip again, and I cant wait for my next trip this October at the Local 3 day Hippie Festival “Grassroots” in Houcks County (where that guy Rusty Lives) he he. J_Until then Keep it safe, and enjoy life my amigos.

-fo0 mike

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