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My First Trip

So I was down in Boulder two weeks ago at this party.

So I was down in Boulder two weeks ago at this party. There was a ceg and some bud. I was sitting just being bored and this guy pulled out a fany pak full of all these drugs. So he was talking to a buddy of his and seeing what he wanted to do.

looking curious, I asked him what he had. He's all like, "I got some ecstasy, some MDA, MDMA, Mushrooms. Hey you want to eat some mushrooms." I was amazed at first and said hell yah. But well he was giving them to me I realized i was supposed to drive home. But I looked over at my best friend, the person that got me into psychedelics and he says your eaten them im driving and i was like fine. So he handed me the eighth and i went next to my friend and started eating. First I wasnt feelin anything.

After I was finished I went to the laundry room to get a beer and I noticed this one beautifull female. I started to talk to her and we just had conversations about us and mostly about artwork. i must have been talking to her for a while and I went to smoke a cig. I saw this digareedoo and i started to play it and my mouth was feeling all weird, so i stopped. I go back downstairs to where the music.

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