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My first trip

Very amazing trip.

Very amazing trip. Stupidly i hadnt read up on the drug at all, but it all turned out ok.

We started eating them when there was 7 people at a friends house, only 4 of us were doing them. We ate some, then ate another batch about 30 mins later. Took a while to kick in, but when things started to get moving, another 30 or so people turned up. By this point i was standing there holding a balloon and staring into the end of the balloon, when there was a little nobble as it hadnt been completely blown up and it looked as if it was a little vortex, kinda spinning in front of me. Then a friend of mine turned up and i couldnt stop laughing. This was all pretty fine, very mild shroom effects, but then as the night grew on things got very very strange. My attention span cut out completely. I would say something very quickly, then forget what i saying and automatically start looking around at other things. At some points during the evening it felt like i was saying two things at once from two completely different views, whiuch was strange. I wasnt in a familiar place and i had just started college and i was with people id only just met, this added to the effect, cos when i walked around the different rooms i didnt know what was really there and what wasnt.

as the night went on the house split in serveral different worlds, the doors became portals to these worlds. One of the worlds was this room that looked completely perfect, lieka dolls house. Inside that world it was night time and it was silent and relazing. I had to spend alot of time in there when i was going down on the trip. Another room was the room where most of the people were, there was loud music playing and alot of people talking. I experienced alot of anxiety in tht room, but was continually interested with the music and when i went to change it, i just simply couldnt. I completely molded with the music and felt like i was music myself (iof that makes sense), it was daytime here. Another room was trhe kitchen, it was dark in there and every1 in there seemed very distant from me, as if they werent really there and it felt as if they were judging me and laughing at my antics. I remember feeling as if i was mentally disabled at this point and spent alot of time trying to come to terms with this as i thought i was going to be like this for the rest of my life and i beleievd that the key to it was to understand. Another world was outside.. the grass looked like sheep guts and it was moving and pulsating. i didnt spend much time here because it creeped me out.

I mentioned above trying to understand the trip. Well, I felt as if i was free of all the things i had been taught. I had no implied morals, i had none of that, none of the things u learn from birth and it felt as if i was actually me and i was thinking as me and not as a media warped society member. I began to question everything, why things were called certain things, how language worked, even things in my life.. EVERYTHING.

I also remembver feeling very clsoe to a frend of mine who i had spoken to about the girl i had just split up with, when she left things kinda span out a bit, but when she was leaving we were standing by this large mirror and i remember poking it and it rippled and i could put my hand into it and it was like puttin my hand in oil.

The toilet had a decoration of cheese and i thopught it was a cheese. There was another room that was very dark and it was a complete mess and the rocking chair was rocking of its own accord. Kinda like a haunted childrens room.

I had a great night and i felt so good for weeks afterwards and i did find it helped me get ova my ex girlfrend. even tho now i know what i did was foolish. just make sure u ride it.

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