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first time at the dead show

hey everyone.

hey everyone. Im a 15 year old kid from connecticut. I always wanted to do shrooms but in my town i never got the chance to get them. So me my brother and my buddy bill went to a dead show a few days ago. As you could imagine, it was easy to get shrooms there. So we bought liek a half of shrooms in total but unfortunatley we had ot hide them in our shoes for a brief moment so they got all flat. ok so we dropped at about 6 or so and went to hide our backpack in the woods because they wouldnt allow backpacks in the show. We came back from the walk and the shrooms began to take effect. We walked through the crowds of people and I started to freak out a little because of allt he people around me yelling and shouting and stuff. But we finally got onto the lawn where we were seated for the show and all my fear disapeared. The shrooms kicked in more and the grass started to breathe and make designs in it. The sky kept changing its color when i turned my back an then when i looked back at it it wud slowly go back to its origional tint. The music was so exciting. It seemed so happy and perfect for where i was. I didnt move throughout the whole trip. I cudnt seem to get enough brainpower to stand up and walk around. The screens above the stage began to look kind of liek eyes to the whole stadium. When there was someone on the screen their face began to morph into different things like vikings and mummies and stuff which was pretty entertaining. THe lighting and designs for the show were really intense. Stuff like this pretty much happened throughout the whole show and during set breaks i went into extremely deep thought. Next time i want to eat more because the trip wasnt very intense but i cam home happy and now have a different life perspective so i reccomend shrooms to anyone thinking about taking them, just know how to handle the rough spots and i think u shud be ok.

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