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My First Trip

Started with an 1/8 of dried goods.

Started with an 1/8 of dried goods. Subtracted some but not much. Bought all for 50$. Then we get to Saturday the 10th about 7:30. Shaggy gave me the idea of a PBJ with mushrooms on it! So I do this with a PBJ with about half of what is left. Drink a little to wash down the sandwich it was OK. Sat around for awhile with friends. I didn't give anyone else any shrooms, because I don't know how much I had on hand. A half an hour later feeling nothing I took all the rest of them plain, YUCK! Within 30 min so I was wigging out people were comming and in and going. I knew them OK though. South park came on It was hilarious. Then I got scared I mean all at ounce I waz there and got the running thru teh forest thing done to me by Shaggy but I caunt follow teh left and wright whn I hit the tree I saw stars. So I said do it again! Shaggy fucked with me big time but I was in the Zone. Then time stood still I was told that I would completely wigg out by Kindra! "! sit here and stare at that chair" ok "sit on the table damnit" oh, wow. I'm looking at the wall Pulp Fiction poster looks good but not the girl. Other Pulp Fiction poster was in total 3d. My brain started working out of control. Shaggy took me aside and said for me to follow him to his room. There he gave me a couple of vitamin C pills and congradulated me on my journey.

I wanted to go out side but not around people so we staged. Then we went outside all four of us Mutt, Licka, Cyan and me. I decide that I'm in another world and I should be a politican. Because things need changing in a bad way. Cyan and me went to talk alone at least away from hearing distance of Licka and Mutt. We decided that Generation X will rule the world some day. Scarry Huh, I don't think so, I mean our folks were Hippies. Lots of interesting talking of religious and other weird things. Enough of that so we went around the front of the dorm then Cyan pointed at this big tree. It was to s! patial, BIG WOW. Next we meet up with Vato he is from Guatamala, anyway him and Licka despise each other this hurts the harmony as I can now detect with great accuracy arguments and they hurt me more than usual. But they decide to reconcile which was interesting to me. We decideto go party for Captain America he was back. Vato drove my ford to Capt'n house. I sit in a corner with Mutt and we talk. I see mild tracers. We stay here for thirty Min. Then Vato gets restless so We leave. I'm comming down but I feel good. I have to admit that for a while I felt like GOD. Question Everything. On a side note Bitcho hooked up with Kindra this is cool. Other players in the first include Moroca (Shaggys woman) and Ahiba. Most Definitely, Foster

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