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My First Shroom Trip

Hello Everybody, I'm new to this forum and I'm new to forums in general.

Hello Everybody,

I'm new to this forum and I'm new to forums in general. i ran across this website when i was looking for pictures by Alex Grey. (very kick ass).

what I've been meaning to post but instead i just kept on rambling is my first time i tripped on shrooms..

Setting: My friends house at about 9p.m.

There were about 10-15 people over at my friend bryan's house and me and 3 of my really close friends were there also. A wave of Shrooms came through my home town so i had to get my hands on some before all the hype got out so i bought 1/8 for about $40ish. My 3 friends chipped me $5 bucks each and i called it even. I took mine with some sunny D (drink of choice for me lol) and i went into the living room to chill and wait for it to kick in.

i didn't know what i was waiting for so just power chilled on the couch for about an hour. that got old and i went outside to smoke a cig. i burnt that one down and went back inside with a GREAT BODY HIGH. i just thought that was one hell of a cig. but little did i know that the body high was due to the BOOMERRRRRSSSS. lol. so i settled back down on the couch with this unbelievable body high. i sat on the couch for about a 1/2 hour more enjoying and i noticed that the walls were breathing. I stared at that wall for another 2 hours. there was an interesting design on the wall, orange, not too intense but just lightly fanned on. i saw soooo much shit in the wall. I was an older wealthy man sitting in a chair (the chair you could find in front of a fireplace in a castle) with his legs crossed and with a glass of wine in his hand, with his arm resting on the arm of the chair. i was staring at him and all of a sudden his head started to get longer and longer, then he started to get thinner and thinner i could see the outline of his cheek bones very distinctly and she disintegrated and a new (what i like to call)"journey" a rose.

i looked up at the ceiling not realizing that a little lamp in the corner of the room was on and it seemed that something from above the ceiling dripped a drip of water from above and casted a wave out from the center of the wave, but (this is the weird part), the wave consisted of a light emerald green and then the little lamp unnoticed shot a wave of orange that took over the room and stayed.

This was the best feeling of my life, this wave of orange. From that point on i loved the color orange.

sorry guys that is only the beginning of the trip the next half of my intense trip will be on later under the title:

My First Shroom Trip (part 2)

Its soo great finding a place like this thank you

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