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my first shroom trip

It started off me being really nervous because it was my first time.

It started off me being really nervous because it was my first time. after i ate them i felt drunk and stoned. Me and 5 other of my friends did it and we were outside next to a fire we started. the fire began to seem very bright and everything my friends said was the funniest thing id ever heard. then we went back inside and my "high" went down. then i smoked some weed and i started tripping like crazy. the colors from a painting on a wall began spreadiing to the rest of the wall. sounds had visuals and visuals had sounds. whenever someone talked i was hearing their words and seeing them in extremally bright colors. random patterns started forming all over the place. then i started to think about what life was and it made NO sense at all. i kept wondering who i really was and what i was doing. there were times that i no longer thought i was myself. then i looked in a mirror and really thought i was looking at a diff person. as odd as that seems, i was never scared. i also never felt sick. then i sat down on a couch and felt like i was just falling forever thru space. you ACTUALLY feel like ur falling though. the best part about shrooms, is that u know why ur trippin so even if something starts to freak u out, which usually happens at least once during the course of a 7 or 8 hour trip, u can just tell urself that its ok. its really one of the most remarkable things u can do for urself, and ull never see the world the same again, but in the best way possible.

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