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My first level 4

My apologies for not remembering the entire experience as it was pretty intense.

My apologies for not remembering the entire experience as it was pretty intense. If you've only had low to moderate doses of shrooms, you would be able to grasp more, but not fully, the experience I'm describing. I suppose this would be considered a level 4 trip, bordering on level 5.

Well, here's my big ass trip...

About a year ago, after having tripped several times at @ level 3 I decided to go for a heavier experience. For accuracy's sake, I always ground up the shrooms and ingested 1 teaspoon (sometimes 1 1/4). This time I opted for 2 teaspoons with OJ. Friend 'M' took her normal dose. It was early Saturday afternoon.

About 10 to 15 minutes after ingesting, I got the normal nausea. I think it was about 20 or 30 minutes into it when the first effects started. All the common stuff: everything gaining a sharpness of appearance, lights getting brighter, colors looking pretty, etc.... I think I buzzed past levels 2 and 3 within the first hour which included a bout of uncontrollable laughter (boy, that was tiring and kinda scary) and watching the 3D colors in a pitch dark bathroom.

(From now on I'm guessing at the time.) eventually found myself sitting on the couch just trying to absorb all the sensations like the walls moving and shadows coming alive, when I started feeling heavy. My head felt heavy. My eyes were opening and closing and that's when I started 'internalizing' as M put it. I somehow got pulled into thinking about my body's breathing, swallowing, and thinking. The sounds that were made just by swallowing or breathing caused me to think about it as the sounds repeated in my head. I seemed to get caught in a loop, not pleasant if it persists. Time stood still. Not the type from pot either, the time 'stopped' and only I existed in it. I’m sure someone out there has had a similar experience. Time jumped ahead a couple of times too. A fire truck went by (actually), but the high pitched siren lasted for 5 minutes, thereby starting the mass auditory hallucinations, distortions is a better word.

It was just everything. Everything that existed was coming to me. Every sensation was its own universe of understanding. I was being bombarded with so much input it was incredible. I couldn't comprehend it all. Sounds were echoing and repeating and speeding as if played fast forward on a tape player. I was thinking and reasoning about anything that my mind threw out there. When I opened my eyes, everything I saw was moving and skipping. Skipping I define as: when seeing something moving, it jumps forward in time/space, skipping part of the image, just as if a film in grade school had a bad or missing section. But somehow I remember loosing a few seconds of time, too. All of this was happening at the same time, everything going on at once, no linearity of one thing then another then another.

Sounds were suddenly overlapping one another making what M said 90% incomprehensible. As I tried to speak to her, all I heard out of my mouth was unintelligible gibberish. Whatever I saw was coming to and fro with trails. I was questioning reality, not sure what reality was or who I was or anything else for that matter. I could remember the 'mantra' of all of us who trip going through my mind: this is a drug I took and it will wear off soon. It was just too much. I was experiencing massive time, sound, thought, and visual distortions, but I don't remember any full blown hallucinations of things that weren't there. On top of all this, it wasn't showing any signs of ending. I was getting worried. M was getting very concerned too. She decided it was best for me to change my surroundings.

After numerous tries of convincing me to move, I finally did. She took me upstairs, believe or not I made it up by crawling. As I was going upstairs, my mood/experience shifted into a totally different trip altogether. I was overtaken with happiness and an urgency to piss. I made my way to the bathroom (with M's help of course) and stood up to go. If you haven't guessed, I'm a guy. Because of the intense visuals and newly discovered touch hallucinations, I was unable to comprehend/distinguish my hand from my fireman. I stood there for a while, when I realized I wasn't even able to focus on a direction to aim the thing that formed at the end of my arm. It kinda looked like a blob. So I sat. That felt weird, too (not the sitting part).

After I finished pissing, I found that, often, I wasn't able to move. The best I could do was crawl. I watched the ceiling bubble for a while. I laid on the bed and listened to the sounds the sheets made. I heard the sounds as if they were coming from inside my body. We stayed upstairs for quite a while. I had a great time there. We made our way back downstairs, I was able to walk again. My hands felt like they were firm sponges. Holding the wood banister was really cool. Unfortunately, my sponge hands didn't last long. But on the upside, the walls felt velvety. Through this ongoing experience my glasses got dirty and I decided to wash them. The water felt incredibly soft. Soon after that my touch hallucinations left me. The sound distortions were gone along with the heavy visuals.

We opted for a drive, M driving of course, she was done tripping. I had some minor visuals left. Over the next 30 to 60 minutes the experience dissipated leaving me with an overwhelming feeling of love, happiness and joy for everything.

Wow. That was a trip.

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