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My Final Fantasy birthday

My 23rd birthday trip.

My 23rd birthday trip. Started out with me buying 14Gr of dried shrooms.

I'd spent the entire week prior to this getting mentally ready for the trip as I do with every trip. I decked out the basement to resemble a small mini rave.

The night started at around 9pm after eating cake and opening gifts and smoking a couple bowls out of our new hooka, I put some glow sticks tight around my head and neck making sure that I couldn't look down or up.

Myself and a couple friends ate the 14grs. Myself I ate about 6grams. After we ate them my 2 friends decided to leave me alone for the night. So I started my evening off watching South Park. This is when the night started to go interesting.

While watching the show Kyle, Cartmen, Kenny started glowing and tracing. After the movie ended I decided to go downstairs. I went to the PC turned on some Phsycodelic trance and just started grooving to music. I listened to music for about 30minutes.

So about 2hrs have passed and my peak started to come into play. After listening to the music I walked into the basement Bathroom. The wallpaper in the bathroom is a very bright multi colored wallpaper with continueous diamond designs in it. Perfect for tracers. So I went into the bathroom shut the door behind me and proceeded to turn on the lights. Well it was more intense then I expected. It almost blinded me at first. Then I just relaxed and watched the diamonds on the wall change color and move around. Then all of a sudden shapes started to form in the walls.

Faces, 3 faces came out of no where and started asking me abunch of "What if" questions. Interested in the questions I proceeded to have a full out conversation about my life and the life of certain people around me. I then started asking them questions about what I was born for and all the did was keep repeating to me that My time will come to understand reality and what the world is in store for. An hour and a half later they just disappeared. Dissapointed in them leaving me just as my friends did I walked up stairs and since I'd just gotten Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children for my birthday I decided to watch it.

Movie starts and I quickly grab a cooler to drink. I come back and I sit down and all of the sudden I was on shinra talking to Cloud. We were talking about mother for some strange reason. Time passed and Next thing I know is I'm getting stabbed. Immediatly I find myself sitting on the couch watching the movie, taking deep breaths and almost what seemed like chocking. After I relaxed myself and reminded myself that this was just a trip I finally started breathing properly. Another 30minutes past it was around 1am and I finished my cooler and got zoned into the movie yet once again. This time I was in a heated discussion with Sir, talking about mother as he was trying to explain to me the lifestream and jenova. As I was wearing the Glow sticks around my head and neck they acted as a barrier for the intellect that came into my head through out my trip, all the info I obtained through out the conversation with "Sir" started to build up. Then all of the sudden an explosion happened.

My head exploded and all of a sudden I didn't understand where I was or what I was doing. Freaked out about this thinking my brain was dead I ran away from the tv and walked outside to the park across the street.

While I was walking through the park the tree's were vibrating and performing art. This seemed wierd but cool to me so I walked over to the most biggest bushed area of the park and watched as the tree's performed art for me. Then I was slapped. Wind had blown into my cheek. Then I looked back at the tree's and they started attacking me. Feeling vulnerable I ran back into the house and spent the next 15minutes just calming down.

At this point I realized I had to focus on familiar things as I knew I had lost control of my trip. I went to the basement and walked around the rec room and stared at the bright lights. At about 2:30am I walked over to the pc and listened to some more techno. I started to focus on the Media players art. This was interesting enough. Finally I looked at the clock and noticed it was 3:30am and I'd been staring at the Media player for an hour straight without blinking. I decided to go back upstairs and try to get sleep. Well it worked I zonked out within a half hour and it was the best feeling of the night.

Woke up the next morning only to find out that my friends never left that I was not in my own mind. And all I wanted to do was have a trip with visuals. Well Now I know just to enjoy not to fight and try to make your mind do as it's told because it is your mind that does the telling.

Enjoy all.....

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