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My eyes are bleeding

Ok so i dont really know if this is a 4 or 5, but o well.

Ok so i dont really know if this is a 4 or 5, but o well. ok so i am a pritty experienced tripper and i am pritty used to the affects. but this time was one of the weirdest and funniest trips i have ever had.

ok so it was a friday night and i had just gotten a little more than an 1/8 of shrooms. i had gone to a new dealer this time because my other one was out. but i had eaten all the caps and took the stems and made shroom tea. i ate and drank all of it and about 10 min later one of my friends called and told me to come over. so i thought that my trip wouldent hit me for about 10 to 15 more min. I was wrong. so i hoped in my car and started driving all of the lights of the on comming cars were so bright that it was blinding my so i grabed my ski goggles and put them on. not knowing how fast i was going i got pulled over by the cops(bad idea). so by that time the trip was pritty strong and was freaking out, afraid i was going to get busted. so i thought to my self that all i need to do is calm down and it was all go smoothly. that all changed when the cop cam to my door and as i roled the window down i saw the cops skin peeling off. i was sitting there talking to a skeleton!!!! it was the freakyist thing of my life. so the cop came to my door and the first thing he said was "why the hell are you wearing ski goggles at night." i was still in shock that i was talking to a skeleton that that the first thing that came to my mind was that my eyes were bleeding. so to that responce the cop started to get real confused, but let me go with only a warning. i have no idea how, but thats all i got and he didnt know that i was tripping(i think). but on with the night. i keep driving and finally got to my friends house not knowing i was still wearing the ski goggles my friends were like your a moron and started making fun of me for wearing ski goggles at night. so i started to get really sad a depressed and decided to go to the bathroom. i got in there and decided to take off the goggles, and when i did i really saw my eyes bleeding!!! it was so messed up like the blood was comming out of my eyes then dissipearing. i was freaked out. but about after what seemed like an hour in the bathroom i decided to go out and watch the movie with my friends. the night started to get better and colors started to blend like when you see a swirl of colors. that was what every thing looked like. i ended up staying there the rest of the night lying on my back looking at the swirls of colors.

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