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First time age 12

I am not that old so it proly isnt good that ive even done shrooms but i dont care.

I am not that old so it proly isnt good that ive even done shrooms but i dont care. My first trip was amazing It was a sunday i think before my 7th grade summer school. before this time i hadnt truly tripped just a bit of a body high and some very mild hallucenations. But this time i was determined to trip. So i got some people with money together and we bought a pretty eighth even though i only paid 2 or 3 dollars that wasnt even mine i still got 1.5 of caps since i had at least tried it and the other kids were pansies. That night me my friend anthony and my friend patrick decided to take the rest of wat we had so we did so with a bowl of honey bunches of oats. within a short time we were fryin. As I looked around the room the door had various images such as faces people and animals. when I looked at the bed it seemed like i was a giant looking down upoon a volcano with a village and fields all around.

Than for some reason we moved into his living room and lied on the couches watching some weird show that i wasnt really watching I was to caught up in everything else that was going on as I looked at the tv stand i noticed it appeared to have vines coming up it and started turning green as did the hallway next to it. Than his mom came out......She decided she was gonna kik me and anthony out for some reason at 1030.

As we decended his stairs i noticed i had almost no feeling wat so ever in my legs and started getting the sweats thinkin about where iwould go that night. as I looked around the newly paved parking lot seemed to be shooting up cones in to the air around me we stood along the side of the street for about 10 to 15 minutes just thinking. than i started getting more and more suked up into it as i looked at the sky there was a purple cloud like thing covering the sky but I could see the stars brighter than ever. we went and sat at a local skool just waiting, there was a party near by and we could hear everything that was goin on, every bottle opening and every voice talking so we decided to move on to dennys and ditch our bikes for a little bit.

As we walked along the streets cars seemed to be floating above the ground and everything swaying from side to side as we were crossing the empty main street i looked to the far end and noticed it was roking side to side at a very large rate. By the time we finally got to dennys i was comin down and felt kinda sik so ididnt eat any thing just drank lots of soda since i had cotton mouth from before I know that this isnt the greatest trip but not bad for bein 12 at the time.

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