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My best trip ever

While i lived in college me and my roomate grew our own shrooms.

While i lived in college me and my roomate grew our own shrooms. About every two or three weeks we would take a break from our busy boring life style and trip. Most times we would take about an eighth or so of shrooms and hit a level 3 or sometimes a 4 as we explored a nearby mountain. Soon we would be going home for the summer and we wanted a trip we wouldnt forget. And let me tell you this is a trip that will never go unforgotten in my book. We decided that we would take a quarter of PC shrooms hoping to hit a level 5 trip. However we only had enough to take about 6-6.5grams of B+ and arcadian coast shrooms that we recently harvested. Oh well. we digested the shrooms at about 530pm and headed to our mountain. The only difference so far was that it was daylight and we usually tripped at night. when we reached a resting point on the mountain i spotted a few people already there. "Damn" i hated to be around people other than my friend when i was tripping. By this time the shrooms were really starting to set in and we needed to decide fast what we were going to do. The only other option was to return back to our house and shroom there. I really wanted to be in nature where i always felt free, away from society and the things that i wanted to forget about while tripping. but i didnt want to be around anyone i didnt know. So we returned home. we decided to go on the back poarch and chill for a while. soon we were tripping our faces off. the view was spectacular. after sitting a while we decided to take a look at the back yard. as we entered the house to go down stairs and out the door it occured to me how hard i was tripping. I could hardly recconize my own house. when we got to the yard it was like we were in another world. The trip got harder and harder. suddenly my arm started to hurt tremendously. It felt like there was a knife in it or somthing. i was like what the hell is this pain. After serious thought i realized it must only be physical interferance. with that thought the pain disappered. every thing was perfect except for this damn jack hammer sound down the street. It was so annoying we decided to try to escape it. Okay, now we went back inside and up to the kitchen where we ate another gram or so of shrooms we saved for later. We could still here the jackhammer from the window. things started to get really really intense. every thing was moving. the walls the floor. everything. we needed to get away from that f****** jackhammer. I think it was at this time we decided we would go into our smoking room (a room we decked out specifically for shrooming and smoking weed) to listen to some tunes. the room had glow in the dark stars all over the place. in the darkness we listened to some tunes. Mostly techno. It was here where i reached my peak. the best peak i ever had. with speakers set at all corners of the room the music felt as though it was going right through me. it was almost a part of the room. i was laying on a mattress at the time, and it felt as though i was in heaven. i had a peach in hand which i started to look at. All the tiny spots and colors became alive and started to create a spectacular show of patterns. I felt so good. Almost as if i was rolling or something. I wanted to check out my friend to see how he was doing. When i tryed to ask him i realized i couldnt speak. then i realized i couldnt move. i was paralized. but i didnt care cuz i was paralized in heaven. the funny thing was my friend began to tell me how he was feeling. His report was pretty much the same as mine. soon when i was able to move again we decided to smoke a bong. This made the peak alot harder. I found myself paralized off and on all through the peak. Now i dont know if eating shrooms an hour into the trip , or the pure fact that time was meaningless, but the peak seemed to last for hours and hours. when we finally did come down we decided to move out of the room we were in for the duration. after leaving we realized the trip was not over yet. just simply slowly wearing off. after some great conversations and a few more bowls we called it a night. a night i will never forget.

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