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My Amazing First Trip

It was summer and decided to enter a realm in which the wheels of weed can not take you.

It was summer and decided to enter a realm in which the wheels of weed can not take you...mushrooms it was.

I did a box of colombian mushrooms withmy girlfriend, half each. Unfortunately, she doesnt like mushrooms, so we had to mix them in with pasta! unfortunately, that meant we did the entire lot straight out. We went outside and chatted on a rug, looking up at the stars. I started noticing the sky was kind of waving like the sea and small, subtle sparks flashed around. I then decided to get up and explore, an uncontrolable urge to do so! i found a cob web and the light shining on to it made it the most sparkly, crystallised thing u could ever see.

I then had an urge to turn my room into a trance room...banged the music up and bashed out sum dancing...i was in my own weird world. Meanwhile, my girlfriend was amazed by the tears streaming from her face. She had laughed so much at the state she was in that she was crying, and then cried further because she couldnt feel her tears...the water felt like liquid silver...and i shared that with her.

I then went back outside again and thought this patch of fine soil was my beach. The 'sand' between my toes felt wonderful and my 2 mates who had been drinking just amused me! it was fantastic. (i also saw a cheshire cat smile out of next doors chimney, but this is very confused image).

i then felt the urge to get naked and urinated into a tube of pringles in my front room. i felt amazing still. However, as my come down as i tried to sleep was awful. But this was purely ecause it was so uncomfortably hot. Furthermore, the window was open because of the heat and loads of moths came into my room, attracted by the light. They kept dive bombing our heads as we tried to sleep. I get very paranoid at them, thinking they were trying to get me. But apart from that, it was a magical, first time experience x

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