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Mushroom Tea

I've only tripped once, and it was awesome!

I've only tripped once, and it was awesome!! My roomate, an experienced shroomer, made me an eigth of shrooms in tea form for my first experience. I gulped it down, and waited anxiously for it to kick in.

First thing that happened was the hair of this kid on my floor started waving back and forth and glowing a little or something. Then, we went outside and on the way back in this tree was growing a coating of white fuz right infront of my eyes. One second it would be normal brown color, the next it would be a bright radient white. I got excited and grabbed onto its branches and was swinging around in a state of euphoria. After this everything slowed down and I was taking steps about 6 inches long all the way back across the field to my building. I spent the rest of the night wandering around for what I guessed afterwards was an hour at a time, then tagging back up at my room and sitting down to rest for a few minutes before leaving on my next journey. Everywhere I went my eyes were percieving things in one general color, especially if the walls were white where I was. I would be seeing everything in red, then turn the corner and it would be green, then turn a corner and it would be yellow. All the while walking so slow that it might take me and hour to go downstairs and walk through the basement and come back to my room. I saw things like the mooon coming towards me and even had a sense of rising towards it. I saw a swarm of millions of some type of bugs covering the pipes in the basement hallways. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, only to realize that my eyes were so wide I could barely see the colored part of them. I could recall many more things but it would take me all day.

Finally, when I started coming down from what indeed was a trip, I just went and sat on the couch in one of my friends rooms. Me and him talked for hours as we sat there, I was feeling the most stoned that I had ever been in my life. Over the coure of this time we probably said 10 complete sentances. He would say something like, "Remember the tree?" Then we would both sit and think about it for some time, before I would reply slowly "Yeah... that thing... was nuts..."

Overall, it was one hell of a trip. I just got some effects from it last night, after rocking the ganj. And it has been months since my trip. My advice to anyone who read this whole thing, would be to make tea with your mushrooms, it will not dissapoint.

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