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Mushroom Note

The rushing winds that would blow through a temple blowing out the dust within is as the jounery i took in record.

The rushing winds that would blow through a temple blowing out the dust within is as the jounery i took in record.Never the less a pleasent one indeed and i would do it agian. P.cubensis(5grams) going into my chamber to await the visit of the spirit potion that would soon open up the doors in my mind and release all that is stored,thoughts that were trapped will come out and become alive.Looking at the wall it began to glitter as the ocean does when the sun is soon to go down but shining upon the sea.I have my journal on hand and this document was made by the bits and pieces from the notes I have taken last night,not to include the fact that i can recall quite a bit.Very unique indeed the mushrooms seem to be kicking in quick,it has been only 15 min.Space and time go well in define,i will keep my mind in this bliss i must confess that the colors are very bright and the swirling of the floor makes me somewhat dizzy.EP.1-in 36 mins i am feeling this numbing mind effect and my body is buzzing like a 1000 bee's are inside me.The music in which i am in tune with seems to become wider in tone and sound as if it was off key.EP.2-45 mins into this strange journey i try oh so hard to collect my thoughts and try to move but i fail,for some reason i cannot move.At least 10 mins pass and it took me 4 mins to get to my living room,but it felt like hours.The colors the waves that are in front of me beautiful as a lily from a valley the gaze effect has taken place and i am agian stuck in a thought pattern and seem to be trapped in it for awhile until it lets me go.The only thing i did not like about that is i like to be in control but for a short time i wasnt.EP.3-64.3 mins into the journey i have felt as thoe i have lost my mind,i really cannot remember this part or what i did.EP.4-The End
as i came down just a number of thoughts over took my mind things i would have never thought about,all in all the trip did make me very tired and i slept with only a bit of toss and turn.I woke up ok and now wrote all you this to read.Thanks-peace

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