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Mushroom Harmony

I'm gonna skip any of the BS leading up to my trip and get right to the point.

I'm gonna skip any of the BS leading up to my trip and get right to the point. I end up eating 22 grams of some real potent mushrooms with 3 of my best friends, and chaos ensues. Here's my tripping story:

Me and my friends decide to start out the night easy, each eating only 3-5 grams each at around 2:00 a.m. While they were good for now, I gobbled down another 10 grams, and that's enough to get me trippin pretty hard. Soon after i ate my 10 grams, I proceeded to eat another 8 grams (Total weight of the mushrooms I ate that night was 21.6g). Anyways, I haven't felt anything yet, so we're just watching some TV till we start feeling the effects. 2 Mountain Dews and 15 minutes later I find myself catching a nice body buzz, and finding everything around me to have a nice aura about it. Like one of those fantasy movies where everything is vivid and lively, where they put the white sillhouete around everything. I was feeling real good and was excited to start tripping hard!
The clock started moving slowly ahead in time and it was around 7:30 when I really started to shroom. I was starting to lose sense of time after this, so I can't really be sure what time the events took place, so I'll do my best to recall.
Anyways, I start looking at my friend's wall (wooden panneling), and everything seemed so real. The walls would shift and move like when you put silly putty on newspaper and stretch it and mold it around. The grain in the wood was shifting and swerving and I knew this was going to be a great place to trip and that the trip itself was going to be prolonged and powerful. I recall sitting in his couch with the TV on, and looking down the hallway to the bathroom. I was starting to see extreme visualizations... White walls down the hallway with red blue and violet tints to them, and the same shifting motion. So I get up to take a piss. I get in his bathroom and he has this crazy Underwater Fish Oceanworld type of shower curtain, and I couldn't stop looking at how amazingly beautiful it was. I didn't care where I was or what I was doing at the moment. All I could care about was staring at the underwater shower curtain and how intricate and irridescent it was. The fish came to life and it seemed as they were swimming right along with the ocean current.
After spacing out on the curtain, I finally decide to take a piss and meet up back with my friends out in the living room. I remember walking down the hallway, and feeling the carpet under my feet, and all it could remind me of was like walking through a field of mud. It felt like it was all the way up to my ankles and when I looked down the whole carpet was shifting and turning with wild reds and purples. So I sit down to take a smoke break, sitting back and enjoying this wonderful trip. After a while It's time to start meandering around outside. The sun was just starting to come up and it was beautiful. I recall the birds chirping and the wind blowing slightly as I took a seat in the grass and observed the trees around me for a while. I was getting a sort of Kaliedoscope effect while watching the leaves flutter gently in the wind. And there I sat. It was me by myself in the middle of nature. I was just beholding everything that seemed to be real and unreal. The scents, the sounds, the feel. Everything was great. The grass was surreal, and the sky was a pale blueish purplish grey. I remember sitting there and thinking all the thoughts that I had ever thunk and just spacing out and smiling and laughing at everything that's great, and what makes it so great.

Everything near me converged to a single point in the universe it seemed, and it seemed I was at perfect harmony with everything. I've never experienced such a good perfect trip. It was strong, and lasted till about 8a.m. or so, so a solid 6 hour trip.

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