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Motorbike madness

This is a completely TRUE story; it happened in 1994 when I was 21 years old.

This is a completely TRUE story; it happened in 1994 when I was 21 years old.

I used to ride a motorbike, nothing fancy, just a 100cc chicken chaser.

I was with some friends at a party held by some people I didn't know. It was summertime, and we had a fire in the garden. I had some Welsh psylocybin mushrooms that someone had given me, and so decided to eat them (why not?). Shortly afterwards, my friends decided to leave the party and go to someone elses house, so I, stupidly perhaps, told them I'd meet them there.

I got on my bike, starting to feel the mushrooms coming on, and thought I'd better make it quick to the house before I start tripping fully. As I rode through the streets, however, I started to trip hard; the road began to undulate and move in front of me, the buildings on either side seemed to be bowing down towards me. The bike seemed to disappear, and it felt as though I was flying very fast a few feet above the ground. I started to really enjoy myself, and took an unusual route, stopping at a carpark on the way just to 'fly' around for a while.

My speed was controlled by the sound of the engine, which was controlled by movements in my right hand. My helmet made my voice sound strange as I beat-boxed a rhythm.
As I got close to my destination, I flipped the visor down on my helmet, and suddenly became fascinated by the scratches on it's surface just in front of my eyes. The road took a sharp bend, but instead I carried straight on in to a brick wall.

I must have been unconcious for a short time, because I remember waking up and wondering what had happened. My bike was several yards away, and quite badly damaged. I had a few cuts and bruises and felt very sick and disorientated. I was glad that no-one was around, and I knew where I was, just around the corner from a friend's house. I picked up my bike and staggered to his front door. He answered the door, and laughed his head off, I passed out.

The next thing I knew was being fully clothed in his shower with the water running cold. I had taken a knock to the head and was concussed AND tripping (a very odd way to be). I kept coming round, seeing the shower cubicle walls pulsating around me, and cold water pouring over me, and then passing out again!

My friend drove me to hospital, where I was put on a bed wearing a neck-brace. This meant I couldn't lift my head to look around. The doctor shone lights in my eyes, and put my dilated pupils down to concussion. They left me there for quite a while, and I could hear voices echoing around the ward. Then they wheeled me down the corridor, and the lights on the ceiling passed over me leaving long tracers.
The weirdest bit was when they x-rayed my neck. I could see my own reflection in the x-ray camera, and I had a large cross projected on my face. The machine buzzed an whirred as the x-rays were taken, and I remembered a scene in the Manga cartoon Akira, when Tetsuo is being tested for superhuman powers! It was surreal to say the least.

I think I passed out again, and when I awoke, it was light, and I was allowed to leave. I took a taxi back to my friend's house, and sat there drinking tea as I tried to remember what had happened to me.

In hindsight I was very stupid, and it was lucky I didn't freak out, but saw the funny side. It's one of my best tales so far!

My advice...motorbikes and mushrooms don't mix! C-ya!

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