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first time 4gs

I ate about 4 gs of shrooms in like 5 minutes in my friends car.

I ate about 4 gs of shrooms in like 5 minutes in my friends car. My friend ate 4 gs with me as well. We went for a walk and after 30 minutes nothing had happened until i entered another friends house. We went upstairs and at down. Heres where it started. It wasn't anything huge but heres what i saw. He had a couple game console on the floor and all the cords and such started moving and turning into worms liek things. Then i looked at the floor and i coulda swore there was glass and water on it. It almost looked as there was the wood floor then a small layer of water, then glass ontop that we were walking on. This is when i said we should leave cause his parents were home. We leave and begin to walk down the street to 7-11. Everything is reconizable, but different. Everything is fuzzy and unmoving at the time and there seems to be less color. Everything has a yellow tint to it as if the sun setting but it wasnt all. The sidewalks seems to have much more cracks in them and the cracks began to form into paterns and writing that i cannot understand. Until one of the cracks formed into the word beware. Somehow i got the idea that couldnt step on any cracks or something bad would happen. I didn't know what and i wasnt that worried but i just couldnt step on any cracks. I began trying to step on them but i couldnt even when i tried. We could both still talk so i starting talking about how i couldnt step on cracks. He then started pointing out that was stepping on alot of cracks but i thought i wasnt. It was weird. The whole tiem i was concentrating on the cracks i was looking down mostly. I decided to leave it and look up. the trees and bushes shook vigorously and it seemed like a huge storm was coming in but the air was calm and it was warm out. we grab my bike as we walk past my house. I didnt know why but it eliminated stepping on cracks. we bike towards 7-11 again, almost there. The bike ride is beautiful. It feels so smooth and elegant. Here where i get some minor hallucinations. here and there I see faces come out of the grass. The faces were colorless, kind of like there are made fo sand like in the movie "The Mummy". then after a few seconds they would whisp away like sand. I couldnt make out what any of the faces were. We get to the front of 7-11 and have no clue why we went there. We go around the 7-11 but as i approach a garbage can up against the side of the building it appears far away. Right when i begin to pass it the garbage can jumps out infront fo me and i slam right into it. Not hard tho, just at a rolling speed. We go around back and just chill for a while. When ever i closed my eyes i would feel like im falling. not only falling downwards but also falling sideways and upwards. I donno how to explain it. Me and my friend had barely talked at all. I turn and look at him and his head looks an animal. Not totally but somewhat. His neck is extra long and i can see little lines going up and down his face liek the matrix. Nothing too scary, just fun stuff. We head over to a park nearby hwere people always chill. On the way I begin to talk to my friend to try and keep it easy. At the start of every convo everythign seems fine.. we would talk about normal stuff but then all the sudden and i would forget what i was talking about and not realise im talking. Until id wake up and hear my voice. Then if just completly stop n be like "wait... what?" and just totally forget what we were talking about. We reach the park and meet up with two guys. They know were on shrooms so they start trying to trip us out. Fuckers... eh? Theyd be like "hey ur moms right there" so id turn around and just begin to see the shape of my mom appear in the tree behind the bench we were on. I remember going into the trees of the park and seeing a huge gang coming towards us. One of the ones that will just beat us up and steal our shit. All the sudden they start running towards me and yelling n hit so i turn around with my friend and book it. My friends seemed to have seen them too but when we look back all is silent. They were gone. So we leave the park and have to cros a somewhat busy street. All my friends run across at the break in traffic, but i just cant go. I cant see cars a block down but cant run cause they look so scary. They next few cars see that my friend ran without me so they stop but i dont even move. I just cant go across they look so mean and deadly. The lights and bumpers begin to make mean faces so they just pass by. I see a big break and cross. I dont remeber much else important besides how i felt after the trip. It felt so good. Like the weight of thje world has been lifted off your bck and you have nothing to worry about. Its such a nice feeling.

I was a bit paranoid of gettign caught in that trip so i wanna do them again in someones house or far from home so i dont get so paranoid.

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