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Morphing Reality

It all started at 6 pm when I ingested an unidentified amount of Ecuadors.

It all started at 6 pm when I ingested an unidentified amount of Ecuadors. For some reason they took a bit longer then normal to kick in, approximately 55 minutes during which time I ate a few more for good measure.

At the onset of the trip I could tell this would be an interesting ride. Sometimes when you ingest shrooms, you just know. Second sight kicks in that tells you, “Sit back, relax and fasten your seatbelt. This is going to be one hell of a ride.” The first twinges were noticed when the walls started doing uncharacteristic morphing. Most people who ingest shrooms know all about the morphing, but somehow this was unlike any other previous trip. The walls bent upon themselves, collapsing and being rebuilt brick by brick, atom by atom. An extreme body high was present and I had a feeling of euphoria that transcended happiness. This amazing state of well being that made me sure that no matter what happened then or 10 years in the future, all would be okay.

Every time I trip I hope that it will show me something which I don’t have the capacity to see in everyday life. Mushrooms give me the opportunity to cast all physical and worldly baggage aside and simply “be”. Looking at the world thru the eyes of a child with such amazement that I never want to come down. I have no idea how to accurately describe the events of this trip. If I could beam into your mind and share it I would..it was unlike anything I have ever encountered before and my only hope is that the memory of it stays fresh because I truly believe this is one of those life changing trips. The pinnacle of why I started ingesting mushrooms in the first place.

Have you ever felt so incredibly alone? It doesn’t matter if you are surrounded by people, a soul has the capacity to be so empty. Until last night, I had hoped there was such a thing as a soul mate, but I never dared to be certain. I am convinced that last night, somehow….I found that person. Maybe it wasn’t a person per say, but a soul. Something pure and simple, yet so complex. During the course of the trip, somehow everything began to make sense. I could clearly see that in every person, every interaction, everything I had always been seeing this soul.. I dunno, I still can’t put it all into words. Hopefully you understand what I mean. I realized that within everyone there is a little piece of pure goodness and harmony and that, no matter how superficial this may sound… That saying, the eyes are the windows to the soul… well maybe others eyes are the windows to our soul. Maybe we can only see our reflections in people, the inherently good inside us by looking outside ourselves.

Some people say, “Yes, I had a life changing trip and it lasted about a week.” I just can’t see this being the case. I experienced telepathy with someone thousands of miles away…someone I have never met but can see so clearly in my mind that it physically makes me hurt. Sure, I have had those tripping moments where there are shared thoughts with my trip partner. But, I have never experienced something so profound that linked me to someone I had never met…miles and miles away. After the initial shock wore off, I no longer had to close my eyes. I could feel this person’s reactions and emotions. It was truly uncanny. I don’t think I have ever felt closer to another being. If I could bottle that feeling and save it, I would put it upon my highest shelf because of all the things I am proud of, that has to be the one thing I wouldn’t trade for all the riches in the world. That one single instance when I realized that all along there has always been someone walking beside me… They just wore many different faces.

That’s about as deep as I get folks. It was truly amazing, to say the least. Someone asked me what level I would rate this trip. To me, it goes beyond levels. It is almost as if life was the trip and somehow, I finally found my reality. Last night, when my cat morphed into Yoda, she looked at me and said, “How feel you?”. I was too astonished to reply. (not to mention, wondering when the hell my cat learned to talk) Then she continued to act out a skit from MTV..where Yoda says “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Fear is the power of the Dark Side.” I must say, my cat is mighty smart. I think that maybe I finally found the meaning of life in those words. Don’t ask me what it is, some things you just have to find out on your own. :) -PsiloKitty

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