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More Powerful Than I Thought

Me and my friend D (who had tripped previous times before this) had been planning this for a while, so we decided we were going to take the shrooms at 10:00 am.

Me and my friend D (who had tripped previous times before this) had been planning this for a while, so we decided we were going to take the shrooms at 10:00 am. We ingested them roughly around 10, and we each had taken an 1/8, maybe a little more.

We decided we wanted to explore the outside world from a different stand point, so we started to head towards a place called lake arlington. We walked through some neighborhoods on the way there, and i started to notice the effects were kicking in a little bit. For me, I was really excited b/c I had never done them before and waited so long for this day. D was already starting to have visuals, i on the other hand was only noticing slight changes in reality.

It took us about a half hour or so to get to the lake (a neighborhood right behind the lake acutally) since D and I were taking stops so he could enjoy the visuals. Unfortunately we never made it to the lake b/c right before we got there my friend D started to wig out and kept telling me he really needed to sit down. (10:45 Am) As soon as he said that I noticed i was looking at the sidewalk and it struck me so quickly i was kind of glad to sit down too. At this point, I was looking at the sidewalk and it changed into a million different moving colors, even though i knew it was black. As we were sitting I looked off at the trees and noticed they were moving in a quite disturbing manner. I cant really explain how they were moving, but if you've ever tripped you probably know what im talking about.

Ppl were walking by us, and even though me and D had our sunglasses on, it still made me feel really uncomfortable. i suggested that we head over to the lake and go by a park or something where we could enjoy the trip without having to deal with all these people. Unfortunately, he just sat there and made some moaning noises. I kept telling him we should go, but it took him a couple of minutes before he told me that he needed to throw up. So, i told him go ahead. But all he kept saying was "dude, i really need to puke", so i would respond saying "ok, then puke" and he would respond back with "no no dude, im fine, im fine." not less that a second later he would tell me he needed to throw up again. He did this at least 10 times. It was getting annoying, and it was also starting to freak me out. So i told him shutup and lets just go back to my house.

I really didnt want to go back, but i didnt want to be out in public with him either for fear we would get arrested or he would do something stupid. so we started heading back and he started walking down a little steep hill right by a pond. He almost walked into the pond, if i hadnt pushed him the right direction, he would have ended up swimming in there and it probably wouldnt have ended up so well.

So after getting through that dilema, i noticed plenty of different visuals, from the trees doing there crazy movements to ppl going really really fuckin slow and then all of a sudden speeding right past me and being out of my sight, this would happen all in a matter of a second or at least what i presumed to be a second. So finally when we get to my house and inside, this is when things started going a little crazy.

I remember the first thing we did was we went into my living room and and just sat there. I remember looking at D and him and everything else i looked at was in pixel form, it was like looking into ps1 or something, where you could see all the little squares. And also there was a butterfly just hovering over my friends head and it just looked at me warning me of what was to come. Later on i also had that same pixel image of everything but i was in triangles for some odd reason. So after sitting on the couch that seemed to be orange and some other different colors, everything literally came alive in the living room, i began to sink into the couch, like as if i was one with the couch. It became a part of me. I decided to turn on the tube. Im lucky since my parents have money and can afford to have so many channels. SO i surf through and find Spiderman 2 on On-Demand. I remember feeling like i was spiderman and when he was swinging on the ropes, it became way too intense for me and D. He told me to turn it off and i agreed.

Im not sure what order everything happened in, so im sorta just piecing the rest together, but i stared at my hand and it went crazy, it looked like i could see all the little cell particles in my hand, i felt as if i was finally able to see how i was created. I HAD THE ANSWERS TO LIFES MYSTERIES. I stared for a while, and then noticed D was missing, i didnt let this bother me.

I began to stare at the clock, and there was no specific time on there, it seemed as if the clock was scrolling through time, and eventually, it started showing little chinese letters or something, as if it was trying to communicate with me and tell me something. I wasnt sure what to think of this so i continued to stare. Eventually, i heard a Huge bang up stairs, I wasnt sure if i was hallucinating this or not. so i continued to listen, and it did it again BANG, it was coming from my parents room. So i deciced to go upstairs and investigate. I open the door to find D completely naked and find all my parents drawers open and see that there bed had been pieced apart (as in the sheets and blankets were scattered all about the floor and the bed was in an irregular postion).

I ask him WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. and he just tells me that his clothes and my parents bed was trying to eat him alive. Mean while, D is looking like some freakin troll or evil elf, so i quickly get him out of there and told him to put his damn clothes back on. Pretty much my trip went from complete happiness to complete FUCKIN DEPRESSION. I kept thinking that b/c my parents room was messed up that my whole world would come tumbling down on me. I kept thinking, dammit, now there gonna know that i was shrooming b/c there room is messed up (why would they ever think that) but this was going through my mind, and i thought we should try to put the bed back together, but i couldnt do it, me and d tried to, but i was too confusing, i had never been this confused in my entire life, i was so frusterated at the fact i couldnt put the bed back together. I spent almost an hour in that room before i decided i would fix it up later. So i pretty much kept worrying and kept wanting the evil to end, hoping that i would come back to reality. Then i started freaking out thinking i would never come out of it. Then i kept thinking i was a terrible person for ever doing shrooms and that my parents would think of me as a disgrace to the family.

d was as depressed as i was, and he was at least a level above me, id say i had a High level 3 to a mid to weak level 4. he was probably at high level 4 to a weak level 5. neways, the last and final visual i had after the mental breakdown i experienced in my parents bedroom was when i went to go take a piss. Everything was in a weird animated image, like if you've ever played supermario 64, u know how everything is kinda in a polygon shape or something, well that how the toilet looked, the water in it, and the walls too, also theres lots of pretty flowers on the wall that were moving around the bathroom. NEways, me and D eventually came down and were still very depressed when it was all over. We decided we were done with all drugs, drinking, smoking, everything.

so we ended up throwing away some really great quality bud afterwards, smashed up all my bowls, and then went over to D's house and smashed his beautiful bong and all his liquor bottles he had on display. the not doing drugs didnt last probably more than two weeks, but the mushroom had such a powerful effect on my way of viewing life, it just somehow made me think i was waisting my life away.

I in no way regret ever doing shrooms and to this day have had a couple more fun trips that were not depressing at all. Although, in no way has ne other trip compared to this one, this one was life changing. I still am upset about smashing up my friends bong, but i still dont regret it, b/c it taught me one thing, never, never underestimate the power of the magical mushroom.

I apologize for having such a long story, but if uve ever tripped, u know that it takes a lot to describe the details of a trip. and this doesnt even come close to describing half the events that occured, its just what i was able to piece together. I hope that the story was enjoyalbe. and if ne one was curious as to what kind we took, they were psilocybe cubensis B+'s, not the most potent, but it was certainly potent enough for me

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