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Mixing your brain

The evening started after work, i ate a few grapes and went to the place i was going to spend the evening, i brought a tape with the new Shpongle cd on it.

The evening started after work, i ate a few grapes and went to the place i was going to spend the evening, i brought a tape with the new Shpongle cd on it. Two days previously we had collected a few dozen cubensis mushrooms, and liquified them in a blender with water and fruit punch concentrate [in a can], this was chilled and made a delicious and potent refresher, but tonight would entail somthing more, i decided to start the evening by dropping two good sized yellow squares into my mouth, they would become apparent only thirty minutes later, we smoked a bud, it zoomed things along in my internals rapidly. the sound of the blender awoke me from the beginnings of nice closed eye visuals, i filled my glass full with the purple chilled drink, it tasted perfect, i finished the glass minutes after i sat back down in the den. the vertical wallpaper of the walls began circulating around the room like a carousel, i put in the shpongle tape. everone's mouths gaped open after just a minute of the excellent sounds of shpongle, i sat back in my chair, and let myself be hypnotized by the music and lights in the room, we smoked another spliff, the highlights in the brown carpetting became like skeletons and gears moving and dialating around each other, i could feel another prescence emerging in my brain, i sat down to meditate and think with myself. then blam blam blam, a loud knock on the door, i answered it, three drunk people, people we knew, unaware what our evening was consisting of, barged in at a drunk pace, loud talking, i sat there and couldn't beleive it, i couldn't do anything, i was speechless, i was being mesmerized by the new experience of taking both paper and mushrooms, the loud voices and laughing of drunks was getting to me, it was causing stress, just the prescence and the sound, was enough for stress, i walked outside, by now i was certain this would be a strong experience and it would be the largest trip i had ever took, i sat on a wooden deck adjacent to the house, the wood on the deck flowed perfectly, i began having sensations of melting into the wood and ground, and that i was part of the wood i was sitting on, my friend came briskly out of the house, i could tell the new company was getting to him, i suggested that all of 'us' come outside and maybe the drinkers will get the idea that they're not welcome. he disappeared into the house, i spent more time looking at the nearby road, the car tracers were making perfect solid forms, it looked like moving walls, 'this must be why so many hippies died' i thought to myself, the mushrooms visual effects began to take hold, the grass took on the watery texture i'm used to seeing on mushrroms, but it was overlayed with crisp patterns, the house erupted inside and i heard yelling, my friend came outside again, and this time walked toward me and the shed, he pulled back his arm and slammed his fist against the alluminum shed, it made a large dent, the echos inside the shed seemed to laugh at us, i decided to walk back in with him, and stare at the unwelcomed until they felt less comfortable.
they left when we said you need to just get the fuck out, we don't want to deal with this shit tonight.
the atmosphere lightened and i returned to my seat, now i was having strong feelings of resentment and anxiety when anyone would talk, to other people, conversations i wasn't a part of, i sensed an energy feild around everyone conversing, and watched the energy feilds connect, i couldn't understand any aspects of what they were saying, no matter how hard i tried, i couldn't do it, i was beginning to feel like i was leaning up against a wall, i could feel the wall, it sliced at an angle through my chair to the corner of the room, it made me uncomfortable, i began to feel like part of the chair again, and like i was part of the floor looking up at everyone in the room. finally i walked outside and leaned against my car, the feelings were intense, everything was getting to me. my friends walked outside and we got in a car, we put the crystal method tape in, it was just the wind coming through the windows and the music, i closed my eyes, and the lights on the highway and roads filled my closed eyes with awesome visions, perfect forms and watery explosions of green, faces from the past would come into vision and split into horizontal and vertical bars and be tiled into a hundred smaller pictures of the same person, my friends in the front seat would talk and i could feel my mind trying to process what was being said, i kept feeling annoyed by the voices for ruining my concentration, then for some reason seconds later i would assure myself that these were my friends and they just were this way, this happened several or twenty times, i began having thoughts about the nature of the psychedelic experience and what was actually usefull to do while having one, i realized that for me, any interacting or conversations while having an experience really just subdues it and doesn't nurture it, and the best thing is really just meditation and inner thought with no interferences with enhancements like lighting and music, this made me happy and i began to open my eyes more frequently and enjoy seeing my friends and being with them while i have this experience, when we got back the mushrooms had clearly worn off quite a bit, it took only half the time as usual for the effects of the mushrooms to wear off, i spent the rest of the night in a dark room with my head near a speaker and meditated, this was a great experience.

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