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Mixing drugs

setting: My friend's dorm room drugs: Mushrooms (of course), pot (DUH!

setting: My friend's dorm room
drugs: Mushrooms (of course), pot (DUH! (hash mostly)), Salvia Divinorum

This was the day before my 19th birthday. We decided to have a little party of our own. Me and my regular tripping partner got a little baggy of shrooms each. We had been told that they were very strong. They even gave us some vitamin C pills for if the trip was stronger than we could handle. Boy was that a joke. These were the single most worthless shrooms I have ever taken. We barely noticed anything. So we smoked a few J's and headed over to the local headshop.
We purchased a big bag of Saliva Divinorum (and a bong, now when did I get talked into this?). Now I've done this stuff before and usually it lasts about 10 minutes. What actually happened was very different. I am going to try to describe what I experienced, but it's going to be very hard.
The trip that I had lasted about 3 hours, which would coincide nicely with the estimated remaining duration of the mushroom trip. It had a very "mushroomy" feel. I saw the typical things I usually see on mushrooms. The way the colors change and redshift, the way the room "breathes" and most of all those pesky little elves :).
But I have never had a shroom trip like this. I was still in the room for most of it. I never really had that Salvia thing happen where you completely leave reality. I was seeing some seriously weird shit. Death walked into the room and killed one of the elves with his scythe. I picked up the head and I had a conversation with it. The conversation seemed like it lasted about 2 hours. I looked at the alarm clock and it was still the same minute as before. I was thinking "some SERIOUS time distortion here".
The next thing I knew I saw those melted clocks like in that painting... I can't think who made it right now. The other thing I remember is that my friend was trying to open a bottle of coke. He couldn't, so he passed the bottle (screw top) and bottle opener to me. I just twisted the top off and he was really amazed. He later told me that he was really envious of my super human, bottle opening power. Yeah he was stoned stupid at the time 'cause he was hogging the bong.

well hope you enjoyed this, please bear in mind that this report was written in the afterglow of this trip and I'm still not quite clear yet. So please forgive any spelling errors wherein. Thank you.


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