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My friends talked to me about a shroom trip they recently had 2 days before 2004 new years.

My friends talked to me about a shroom trip they recently had 2 days before 2004 new years. I thought it sounded pretty cool cause for a long while I'v been smokin weed and drinkin and all that stuff. So on new years we ate some. i didn't know much about them but they said it was a hella fun trip and all i knew is that i'd be hallicunating a lot. we went to my friends house where about 4 other guys were doing shrooms as well and his whole family was drunk. About 12 oclock i started to feel them. It was just like being high and my body was really relaxed and overall i was having a great time so far.

About 20 minutes after i started to feel them, my friends told me my pupils were huge and there's weren;t yet kicked in. I looked at the blinds of the window and the shadows blended into eachother. I was aware it was the shrooms so i got excited and stared at my hand. My skin molded and twisted around. Around then the other 4 guys on shrooms as well turned off the lights to the room, turned on a black light, turned on some loud rap music, and started playing some GTA Vice City. I sat down for a minute amazed by how they felt, and looked at the colors from the video game reaching out for me and mesmorizing me.
The music kept a solid rythim in my head and suddenly i felt out of control of my body.
I immediatly wished the shrooms would get out of my body. and when i looked to my friends they just said "chill dude this is tight" but i knew it was a bad trip.

Everyones face was a different color, and everywhere i looked things were molding and i didn't know where to go or what i wanted but i wanted to be sober. I found the only girl there who hadn't taken shrooms and told her i was scared. when i told my arms to move they would move where i wanted them to but i couldn't feel them or tell i was moving them. i felt as if i had been there for 4 hours so far but it had only been 15 minutes or so.
it was clear to me i was out of control of my own body and i felt as if everyone was against me and didn't care i was scared. i had to get out of the room and the sober girl led me out. across the hall i locked myself in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't know who i was or what i my name was. I felt as if i was looking down on my body from above and i had no control over anything. my body was against me, and it smiled at me in the mirror. I didn't like the person i was.

I thought i was going to be stuck forever, and when i closed my eyes i just heard the music and saw colors and designs spinning. everything was moving, and i couldn't remember what my life was. minutes seemed like hours, and i missed my life. I was trapped behind a glass wall, watching the shrooms do what they pleased with my body, and there was no way out of it all.

I moved from room to room trying to tell myself it would all be over soon. and it was not until 5 hours later i could feel myself again, and i remembered what normal life was like and i couldn't stop thinking about the person i was. I didn't want to spend my life high, i wanted to be someone, and i promised myself when i woke up the next day, i would never eat shrooms again.
12.31.03-1.1.04 was a reality check and changed me forever

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